Modernizing Internal Learning: The challenge of keeping employees current

1 hour

Nick Cavalancia, Techvangelism
David Horne, D2L


Organizations focused on growth realize the need for ongoing learning that helps align employees with changing business objectives. Whether your employees need to stay abreast of current company policy, be updated on compliance mandates, proactively take diversity or harassment training, of just want to know how to properly use Office 365, what’s needed is a way to provide engaging internal learning that meets the needs of both the employee and the organization.

So, how do successful organizations internally train their employees?

In this educational webcast, Nick Cavalancia from Techvangelism, and David Horne from D2L discuss:

  • Defining Modern Internal Learning: the who, what, how, and from where
  • Courses, to Catalog, to Content – What does it take to engage?
  • Going beyond the “classroom”: gamification, mentoring, and collaboration

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