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L&D and Employee Retention Driving Outcomes that Matter

1 hour

Stephen Krempl, CEO, StandingOutW3
Frank Corsaro, Senior Executive, D2L


When employees feel invisible: everyone loses. The organization misses out on potential talent, and the employee is one foot out the door.

Digital transformation requires collective knowledge work. The emerging neuroscience behind effective collective intelligence has been applied to diversity measures and inclusive leadership approaches. Though these efforts help reduce feeling like an outsider – whether based on language, culture, personality or learner type – these efforts have been slow to yield results, often resulting in regrettable attrition.

Some organizations have discovered a new way forward. Developing interpersonal, “power” skills, helps employees overcome the feeling of invisibility, finding ways to stand out and be noticed. The organizational benefits and return on investment increase when employees overcome the feeling of invisibility. Put simply, employees who feel noticed tend to contribute more effectively.

We’ll show how effectively addressing employees invisibility will drive outcomes that matter.

This is a great opportunity to network, and learn from your peers.

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