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Increasing Accessibility – Strategies from the University of Guelph, D2L, and a former student

1 hour

Richard Gorrie, Associate Director, Educational Technology Research, Development & Integration, Open Learning and Educational Support, The University of Guelph

Sean Yo, Senior Product Manager, Analytics and Data Platform, D2L

Carin Headrick, Accessibility Tester, UX Development and Design, D2L


Are you wondering if your courses are accessible to everyone? This webinar will share different approaches that you can take to make sure that you never limit learning opportunities.

Richard Gorrie will share how the University of Guelph took Universal Instructional Design (UID) from theory to practice, and how their work on UID has influenced their approach with faculty and the accessibility of their courses.

Sean Yo from D2L will show you some accessibility anti-patterns, and what can be done to improve them.

You’ll also hear from Carin Headrick from D2L, who as a former student will discuss how the accessibility of content impacted her learning experiences.

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