Empowering Faculty and Students With High Quality Modular Courseware

1 hour

Steve Ernst, PhD - VP Content and Learning Services, Boundless

Cecil Banhan - VP Institutional Sales and Partnerships, Boundless


During this webinar we will explore emerging trends in openly licensed educational content. We will discuss how to develop and deliver affordable, ready-to-use, digitally native courseware that can be quickly customized by instructors and personalized for students’ learning needs, and that offers realtime data and analytics to help drive student success. We will also discuss how the model benefits students, faculty and the institution, and present case studies regarding efficacy and student satisfaction. We will also demonstrate how easy it is to adopt and customize the courseware, and to deploy the courseware using Brightspace to create a simple, seamless learning and teaching experience for students and faculty.

Boundless courseware leverages a learning outcomes-centric model that aligns the triad of (i) learning objectives, (ii) content and (iii) assessments. That triad makes it very easy to customize the courseware to meet the unique needs of faculty and students, and to create a highly engaging, active learning environment for students. In addition, the triad enables faculty to easily track student progress and performance real-time at multiple levels.


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