Develop and Improve Critical Skills for Employees with Video in Brightspace

1 hour

Dr. Jeff Lewis, CLO, YouSeeU


According to the American Management Association, there are four skills – critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity – that are essential to employee development, talent management, and succession planning. But in practice, it is hard to effectively measure and train these skills for a large workforce.

What if you had the tools to easily teach, assess, and help your employees improve on these key “soft skills”? In the Brightspace Autumn16 Release we announced enhancements to the Virtual Classroom tool and launched the availability of the Video Assignments tool for all Brightspace customers. Powered by YouSeeU, these tools use video collaboration and assessment support the development of skills critical to the success of a company.

Join us online and learn how to:
• Use the Virtual Classroom tool and the Video Assessments tool to help develop the 4 C’s.
• Allow learners to practice, record, and submit video-based assessments for ongoing development.
• Add time-stamped comments for meaningful coaching and peer-to-peer feedback.
• Record and evaluate video assessments without having to leave the LMS.

This webinar will feature virtual classroom and video assignment use cases in Corporate Learning. Not relevant to you? Please register for similar webinars focused on K-12 or Higher Ed.

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