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Building Lessons and Using Activity Feed in Your Classroom

1 hour

Rosanne Abdulla, Bilingual Trainer, D2L
Josh van Wijk, Community Manager, D2L


During this interactive webinar, we will go through the new content experience from D2L, which is available free to all VLE users, showing educators how to create learning content from scratch or upload existing resources. You’ll learn how to pace material, build lessons and post content to the activity feed. We will highlight how to post content to the activity feed and show how easy it is to have students participate in a conversation about it. We will finish the webinar with a Q&A session where you can ask any question you may have about creating lessons, using activity feed, or accessing the VLE.

Start this school year off with a tool that was designed for you, that fully integrates with the comprehensive suite of tools offered by the VLE!

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