Build Up Your (e)Portfolio: Getting Students Using Digital Portfolios to Invest in Their Future

1 hour

Amanda Keesee, Coordinator, Academic Technology, University of Central Oklahoma


Today, as students head out into the real world they are asked to demonstrate not just a completion of a degree or set of classes, but to provide a more holistic view of their capabilities and experiences from both inside and outside the classroom. Portfolios have been used as a form of authentic assessment for decades but in the past students were limited in what they could share. Now, with digital portfolios, like Brightspace’s ePortfolio tool, students can highlight a wide range of skills and knowledge not only through text and images but also with video, audio files, links and much more.

In this webinar you will hear how a student can invest in their future by building and maintaining a digital portfolio throughout their educational career. This webinar will focus on eportfolios as a form of assessment and knowledge showcase, discuss getting student buy-in by highlighting the benefits of a digital portfolio, and will include tips/tricks for students who are ready to create their first ePortfolio Presentation.

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