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Beyond the classroom: How to improve teaching and learning in a virtual classroom setting

1 hour

Jeff Lewis, Bongo
Professor, Business Communications - Metropolitan State University of Denver

Jill Buban, Ph.D
Senior Director of Research & Innovation - Online Learning Consortium


Virtual classrooms have the power to improve student engagement, personalize the learning experience, reach at risk students, and more. Teaching in an online environment can help overcome many challenges but there are some key differences from traditional classroom settings. Learning how to leverage and prepare for these differences will increase your chances of improving the teaching and learning experience in a virtual classroom.

Join us online to learn:

  • How virtual classrooms can support, and even enhance, your teaching
  • How to go beyond the lecture and use virtual classrooms to improve student engagement while increasing your productivity
  • Why using a virtual classroom while learning how to teach in one can increase success for you and the student

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