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Applying Brain Science for Online Learning: A Case Study

1 hour

Terri Gaffney, Vice President, Product Development, American Nurses Association

Sarah Nicholl, Customer Success Director​, D2L


We have talked a lot about advances in brain science, and how it can be applied to online learning. We know the brain is not wired to sit passively and absorb information, and when learners are actively engaged – learning improves. But how do you apply brain science theories in the real world?

Join us for this interactive session to hear how the ANA leveraged brain science to engage their audience. D2L’s Sarah Nicholl, and ANA’s Terri Gaffney will discuss:

  • A refresher on behavioral economics and learning design
  • Practical tips on how to design for both storage and retrieval learning
  • How ANA is leveraging these brain science techniques in Brightspace to drive learner engagement​

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