Video Assignments is seamlessly integrated into Brightspace to help learners demonstrate both their knowledge and their soft skills. Powered by YouSeeU, Video Assignments makes it easy to add integrated video-based assessments to any course in Brightspace.

Categories: Blended Learning, Competency-Based Education, Online Learning, Personalized Education, Productivity, Student Engagement
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Preparing your students with a broad set of communication skills and giving them real-world practice using these softer skills can be tricky especially when you’re using traditional tools. Evaluating these skills can be even more difficult. But with video assignments by YouSeeU, you can help your students develop the skills they need to succeed both in and outside of school. Using Video, students will practice applying their knowledge, demonstrating their skills, and thinking on their feet, resulting with them being able to communicate with confidence. You’ll be able to effectively evaluate a broader range of skills using video that is integrated right within the Brightspace platform, and provide timestamped feedback to help your students improve. And if you’re looking for more, the premium version of Video Assignments gives you the flexibility to incorporate new types of assessments into your courses, such as real-world simulations, role-play scenarios, debates, peer reviews, and other creative ways to evaluate your students. Incorporate video assignments into your courses and help your students reach their potential.