Every learner is unique. Release Conditions and Intelligent Agents in Brightspace make it easy to personalize the learning experience for each one.

Categories: Adaptive Learning, Blended Learning, Competency-Based Education, Gamification, Online Learning, Personalized Education, Productivity, Student Engagement
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Every learner is unique, and they are more engaged when learning experiences reflect their individuality.
One of the ways Brightspace helps you personalize the learning experience is with Release Conditions and Intelligent Agents.
Using the rules you define, Release Conditions trigger activities based on what a learner does – or does not do – in Brightspace.
Whether you want to make sure a quiz is completed before moving forward, provide more resources to help struggling learners, or serve up extra content to those who are progressing quickly, Release Conditions help you easily tailor course delivery to each learner’s needs.
Intelligent agents send emails automatically, making it easy to welcome new learners, re-engage inactive ones, or simply congratulate a job well done. With reports on which learners were emailed and the ability to reply directly to the instructor, connecting with learners has never been easier.
For really robust personalization, Release Conditions and Intelligent Agents can be used together with rubrics, competencies, awards, and more: for standards-based teaching, competency-based education, and gamification of your courses.
Personalize the learning experience for every learner using release conditions and intelligent agents in Brightspace.