[Video] Grade 10 HWDSB teacher shares how she uses Ontario's VLE
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“Hi, I’m Tania McKague and I teach Careers, grade 10, and I do it online through the Hub [Brightspace in the VLE] and I’m from the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board.

I use the portfolio app. We used to use ePortfolio, but now we use my Portfolio. I use it as a binder for the class. The students upload all of their images, their videos, their notes, and all their documents, and I use that to mark their learning skills for the course and it’s an easy way for them to store everything. It’s really simple to use and they like that it’s connected to their actual workspace, that they don’t have to go to another location. It’s right there.

Whether it follows students from year-to-year, they do know that it is there for them for the four years, and some of them do have file folders that they have labeled for the different years and different classes. So yes, they do like the fact that it’s all there, all their binders are there, all of their subject areas are there, and they can just, you know, go back to that resource whenever they need it.

One of the assignments I’ve used is a really creative assignment, where they have to upload a video, and a lot of students like the fact that the storage space is right there and easy to use, and it’s allowed them to be a little more creative. You know, being able to use the video and share it with others, as well, and show each other what they’ve done.

In terms of comfort and having the portfolio right there on the Hub, for sure it makes them more comfortable. They don’t have to go to another app or learn another app. They can use it if they’re sitting in the library, if they’re sitting in a classroom, they can use it on their laptop privately and, yeah. So, for sure, anyone who has high anxiety or anything like that, they can just use the app.

If someone’s a beginner and hasn’t used my Portfolio in the app, I think it would be such an easy way to learn how to use. There’s no difficulty at all, so it’s easy for any beginner.

Definitely use the quizzes. I’ve used that also as a science teacher. I’ve used that Enviro science, because you can attach images and do a multiple choice, true and false, short answer. So quizzes have definitely been used. And as I said, I also use Video Note as an educator. Whether the students load that up or as a teaching tool, I use Video Note to load in videos, so I don’t have to repeat myself all the time. So if a student’s absent, they can watch the video as a lesson.”

More about Brightspace in the Virtual Learning Environment
The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is a dynamic learning platform, powered by D2L’s Brightspace. The VLE is provided by the Ministry of Education at no cost to Ontario publicly-funded teachers. Ontario’s VLE includes digital portfolios, assignments, rubrics, lessons linked to curriculum expectations, quizzes, and much more! To learn more or to access the VLE, please visit our website.

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