Leveraging the Brightspace platform to personalise the learning experience for thousands of Health Behaviour students.

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(Text on Screen) Each year, 2,100 students enroll in Dr. Jaclyn Broadbent’s blended Health Behaviour class.

Student engagement and retention can be a challenge with such a large cohort.

Dr. Broadbent uses the Brightspace platform to personalize the learning experience for her students.

Dr. Jaclyn Broadbent, Lecturer in Health Pyschology, Deakin University: D2L has some great tools for engaging students that I love using.

(Text on Screen) Using the Intelligent Agents tool to personalize student communications

Dr. Broadbent: The first is intelligent agents which are these automated emails that are sent out to students. It’s fabulous because they get these emails if they haven’t submitted an assignment on time. Or you can send it if they’ve done well or haven’t done so well on their assessment piece.

The impact of this has been amazing. I feel very overwhelmed by the amount of student satisfaction and comments that we get. Students are always talking about how engaged they are, how they feel they are part of a learning community.

(Text on Screen) Actively document the learning journey with D2L ePortfolio

Dr. Broadbent: The other tool I really love is eportfolio. We use eportfolio presentations where students actually have to document over time throughout the semester how they are engaging in their learning activity. What a great way to capture how learners are progressing in their learning over the course of their unit or degree.

(Text on Screen) Using the Grade Statistics tool to save time

Dr. Broadbent: Because I have such a large unit—there’s over 1500 students, we’re running 65 classes every single week—there’s lots of marking going on. The statistics tool means that I can get in there straight way and when the marking is occurring I can see and moderate the grades that the students are getting. It allows me to see across 65 different marking groups how everybody is going and it saves hours and hours of time.

(Text on Screen) Ensuring every student has an equal opportunity to succeed

Dr. Broadbent: My philosophy is that everyone should have the ability to be successful regardless of what background they come from or how prepared they are academically.

That’s why I love D2L because it’s allowed me to get everybody regardless of how different they might be from one and other. It helps me help to support them in their learning experience.