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Modern retail learning in action

Because today’s next-gen learning experience platforms are responsive by design, they allow learners to have anywhere, anytime access to learning and training content. This allows retailers to create a more engaging training experience for staff, provide employees with tools to apply training at the point of need—in the aisle, with a customer, or in the back room—and capture their feedback to demonstrations of skills and competencies as they happen.

Use Case

A global discount store chain is struggling to improve engagement with their frontline staff, while at the same time, improving adherence to workplace safety standards among warehouse staff.

In the store, the average age of an employee is 20, and turnover is very high, hovering around 25%. Store managers are fighting an uphill battle to engage their millennial employees in training programs and to get them to implement the basics around customer service. It’s affecting the store’s reputation and revenues. Aisles and shelves are sloppily merchandized. Customers are complaining that they are ignored or left waiting for service, and many are threatening to take their business elsewhere.

In the warehouse, managers face an ongoing challenge to get workers to adhere to basic safety guidelines and procedures. A recent safety audit has left them vulnerable and employee safety is threatened.

Using a next-gen learning experience platform, the retailer turns to video-based learning to capture the attention of store clerks, using funny, short videos. The engaging experience captures the interest of staff. The retailer also layers on a gamification element, awarding badges to clerks when they attain a certain level, and giving them gift cards to a popular local coffee shop for participating.

A similar video-based approach is used in the warehouse as well. Abandoning traditional training methods such as posters and written training manuals, warehouse managers use the learning experience platform to provide quick reminders and video-based scenarios showing workers how to properly operate a forklift and attach safety belts. Short quizzes are pushed to the learner’s smartphone, providing reinforcement and monitoring of training uptake.

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