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FUSION 2013 Reflections: Making it Personal

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Every year, FUSION offers our users, partners, and staff an opportunity to collaborate directly with their peers and launch new ideas that will propel our industry forward. It’s a chance to bring together more than a thousand people from different areas of expertise, experience, and – literally – the globe. We believe there’s no limit to the potential for learning from one another when we all have the right opportunity to connect an engage.

This philosophy isn’t just represented by the event – it’s reflected in what some of our experts are saying about learning itself.

A recent post from Barbara Thoeming, Learning Community Manager at Desire2Learn, highlights some of the key ideas presented at FUSION by Dr. Jaclyn Broadbent of Deakin University. Overseeing an average of 2,000 students per year, Dr. Broadbent must ensure she maintains consistent contact with her students to provide meaningful feedback. Her approaches exemplifies the concept of “making it personal” – in other words, using technology that powers online interaction to circumvent the space and time seperating today’s learners and provide quality instruction that suits their needs.

Some of Dr. Broadbent’s key strategies, as highlighted in Barbara’s post, include:

  • Employing Intelligent Agents to identify learners who fit specified criteria for instructor intervention and deploying notifications as necessary. This encourages students with helpful feedback and motivates them with an incentive to work toward successful outcomes.
  • Relying on Newsfeeds to communicate with an entire class using links, media, or text and deliver contextualized content in a way that demonstrates the instructor’s investment in students’ individual success.
  • Taking advantage of automated functions to free up time for providing quality reviews of assessments and course work. With audio and video feedback, instructors can guide their students at a far more personal level.
  • Using Desire2Learn Capture to ensure every student is an active part of the class – whether they’re sitting in the front row or their own living room – while also giving them the flexibility to learn at their own pace, in their own time.

With this combined approach, Dr. Broadbent’s work inspires ongoing success for a large number of learners by supporting one core idea: distance does not mean disconnected.

Read Barbara’s detailed post to learn more. You can also follow Dr. Broadbent on Twitter @JaqiBFT or visit the Desire2Learn Community to find out how more ideas presented at FUSION are transforming teaching and learning!

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