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Available in Brightspace Core

Brightspace Learning Environment Features is available as part of Brightspace Core.


Design effective courses.

  • Set up courses quickly with step-by-step walkthroughs of the most common tasks
  • Align content, objectives, and instructional strategies using the Instructional Design Wizard™
  • Easily copy entire courses or individual components from Brightspace or another LMS using the Import Wizard
  • Create, organize, and arrange course content using the intuitive drag and drop interface

Create engaging content.

  • Create new course content with help from HTML editor and built-in content templates
  • Add inline multimedia, links, or custom LTI tools directly into course content with the Insert Stuff tool
  • Incorporate personalized instructions or feedback by recording video directly with the Video Note™ tool
  • Ensure course content meets accessibility standards with help from built-in prompts.

Develop effective assessments.

  • Measure progress in a variety of ways including quizzes, surveys, and assignments with optional TurnItIn® integration
  • Create, share, and reuse a common set of assessment questions with support for third-party QTI files
  • Create rubrics to easily evaluate activities based on a predefined set of criteria

Simplify class administration.

  • Send news, updates, and announcements to learners through a homepage widget, email, calendar, SMS, and/or RSS feed
  • Easily track attendance and participation with a visual representation of classroom layout
  • Quickly view class list information such as enrollment, logins, and more
  • Easily email students from directly within the LMS


Teach the way you want.

Customize the look and feel.

  • Change the appearance of Learning Environment with customizable navigation and themes
  • Create widget-based homepages to greet learners and provide easy access to courses
  • Define organization-level branding, with course-level customizations

Combine it with other tools.

  • Integrate external learning tools such as wikis, simulations, protected content, and other resources built on LTI standards
  • Incorporate external learning resources with support for SCORM, IMS content packaging, and IMS Common Cartridge
  • Build your own custom tools with APIs that can be used to automate common tasks, implement custom workflows, and more


Report on learner achievement.

  • Quickly compare each learner’s performance in the course using the Class Progress dashboard
  • See how an individual learner is performing by viewing their grades, login history, course access, and more, all in one place
  • Drill down into detailed grade statistics for individual assignments or assessments, with the ability to adjust how final grades are calculated

Take action automatically.

  • Personalize the learning experience with rules-based tools that trigger activities based on what a learner does – or doesn’t do – in Learning Environment
  • Use release conditions to tailor course delivery to each learner’s needs by showing or hiding content based on the rules you set
  • Automate email communications with Intelligent Agents to welcome new learners, re-engage inactive ones, or congratulate them on a job well done.