An effortless way to keep track of course content. Our free cross-platform app makes it easy for students to store and view all their learning materials in one convenient place.

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Available in Brightspace Core

Brightspace Binder™ is available as part of Brightspace Core.

Brightspace Core for
Higher Education

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Core Engagement for

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Add new content easily.

Students can add materials from Brightspace Learning Environment or import resources from external sources directly into Brightspace Binder.

  • Course documents, notes, digital textbooks, and more can be accessed
  • Two gigabytes of cloud storage can include files from across multiple courses
  • Microsoft® Office docs, PDFs, images, and other formats are supported

Manage all of it quickly.

Notes and bookmarks can be added wherever they need to be, giving students an engaging way to interact with content.

  • Highlights, annotations, and freehand notes can be created
  • Tags and filters make it easier to find and organize resources
  • A gesture-based UI makes switching between content faster

Make sure it’s always available.

The Brightspace Binder app keeps students connected with their learning content so that they can access it whenever they need to.

  • Facebook integration lets students sign up and start using the app quickly
  • Downloaded materials can be accessed offline when they’re needed
  • Content can be exported for use throughout a student’s learning journey

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