At D2L we’re continually improving the user experience in Brightspace. Using design thinking, we’ve reimagined how the learning experience should look and feel, and how to best reach every learner. We’ve considered how instructors, learners, instructional designers and other users add or obtain information. We’ve implemented a clean look and feel and streamlined how information is presented. Key content is front and centre, making learning efficient and impactful.


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    Join our team for a walkthrough of the new features, services and functionality that make up the Spring17 release.

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    A new look. A better experience.

    The Daylight interface’s news look and feel makes it easy to focus on what matters. From the moment a user enters the Brightspace platform, they’re greeted with inviting course images so they can navigate to the course they want quickly.

    The responsive design means they can access their courses from any device, with the content adapting responsively to whatever screen size they’re using so that the information is presented in the best way possible.

    Daylight is now generally available for Chrome and Safari browsers. The refreshed design, mobile access, improvements to quizzing and new Activity Feed offer an exciting experience for your users.

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    Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or visit Daylight Central to get ready to transition to Daylight.

    Stay connected. Keep everyone engaged.

    With the Daylight experience, we’re evolving how users interact with Brightspace. The new Activity Feed on the course home page quickly shows learners what is new and what needs their attention. This social-like interface presents information in an engaging way, making it easy to get up to speed with what’s happening. Instructors will love how easy it is to connect with their students and keep them organized. Coming to Brightspace Learning Environment in April.

    Be more efficient. And organized.

    We know that the less time you spend on admin tasks means more time focusing on what matters. With every release, we implement new features to make your most common tasks faster and easier. We work closely with our clients; in fact, 25% of these features were suggested by Brightspace users.

    Quizzing is one of the most-used areas in Brightspace. As part of the Daylight experience we’re overhauling the Quizzing engine to streamline the user experience. It’s now faster and easier than ever to create long-answer, short-answer, multiple choice and true/false quizzes.

    Instructors will notice impactful improvements across the board. From being notified when an assignment is submitted to being able to update the grade tool with exemptions, to a simplified approach to managing discussions, instructors’ day-to-day tasks have never been easier.

    Stay connected. Even while on the go.

    In addition to Daylight’s responsive design of Daylight, Brightspace Pulse, our mobile app, lets learners know what’s new and helps them stay connected while on the go. Brightspace Pulse now integrates seamlessly into workflows, with access to the table of contents and course content right from the app.

    Looking for a partner? We can help.

    At D2L we have a variety of services available to help you meet your goals and make the most out of your learning experience.

    If you’re transitioning to Daylight, we offer an HTML Template service for purchase where we will provide you with custom Daylight-ready templates you can use to make your courses visually appealing.

    We also have a Instructor Adoption Service where we will work with you to create a training and roll-out plan to maximize your platform usage with faculty.

    Please talk to your Customer Success Manager to learn more about purchasing these or any of our other services.

    New packages. An easier way to buy.

    Your favorite Brightspace products are now easier to purchase. We’ve created three packages that make it easy to get exactly what you need.

    Brightspace Core gives you everything you need to offer a best-in-class learning experience. This package includes all the key products you need to offer an engaging and personalized learning experience. You can be confident knowing you have everything you need to create a top-notch learning experience.

    Engagement Plus can be added to Brightspace Core if you’re looking to take student engagement to the next level. With additional multimedia tools, you’ll be able to amplify your course offerings.

    Performance Plus can be added to Brightspace Core for those looking for additional tools and data to make intelligent decisions, and further drive student performance and institutional effectiveness.

    Are you a current D2L customer? Talk to your D2L Account Manager to learn about the value you could receive by opting into a package.