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Is the very best online companion application counselors can use that provides a patent pending process to guide students and job seekers to joy, purpose and meaning when making education, vocation and employment decisions.

Our online software platform virtualizes the career center experience.  It’s designed for counseling and coaching organizations to reach as many people as possible and provide exciting to use tools that are accessible regardless of location and time.  jobZology® helps your clients further develop their gifts and find a predictive fit to a pathway for the next chapter in their lives.  The tool is embedded with features that provide self-discovery, predictive fit measures of education and career options, connections to resources, job readiness tools, career exploration tools, and links to education and employment across the United States.  jobZology® has efficacy for an age range of sixteen through retirement.

jobZology® is used by major universities, regional workforce centers, large and small employers and counseling organizations.  Each of these client types were seeking cost effective tools to make a significant and often immediate impact in the lives of the people they serve.

Don’t just guide your students, help them find their calling and connect them to ways they can live it.