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1470 Rue Peel, Suite 500
Montreal Quebec
CA H3A 1T1
(514) 938-2111

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eXplorance Inc.

eXplorance is the leading provider of Learning Experience Management (LEM) solutions for higher education, corporate training and organization management.

Blue by eXplorance includes modules for course and instructor evaluations, psychometric and knowledge tests, 360 reviews and broad-based stakeholder surveys. Blue powers the creation of a cycle of continuous improvement within organizations via benchmarking, feedback from all stakeholders, sophisticated reporting, customized suggestions for improvement, and automated workflows – all designed for an elevated learning experience.

Founded in 2003, eXplorance is a privately held corporation based in Montreal, Canada. Some of eXplorance’s clients include Boston College, RMIT University, UDLAP, University of Groningen, University of Louisville, UMPQUA Community College, University of Pennsylvania, University of Toronto and many other organizations such as Discover, Fidelity and NASA.