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With continued growth in online learning and test-taking, education and training professionals wrestle with the challenge of maintaining exam integrity.

Examity®, the world leader in online proctoring software and support, is an enterprise-wide authentication and proctoring solution ideal for universities and corporations.  Examity® increases the efficiency, security and convenience of online testing and enables institutions to ensure academic integrity. They can now protect their reputation while offering students 24/7 access to secure testing and support.  Proprietary technology secures exams, verifies the identity of the test taker and prevents cheating.   Institutions have the flexibility to select the level of security that matches each unique test.  Examity® provides around the clock support and seamless integration with D2L using examiLINK®, our tailored integration product.

As the recognized leader in the industry, Examity® partners with more than 150 universities and corporations worldwide.