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1565 Point Abino Rd. S.
Ridgeway Ontario
CA L0S 1N0
(905) 327-6973

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Chalk & Wire Learning Assessment Inc.

Chalk & Wire Learning Assessment Inc. is a “Learning Assessment Platform” providing SaaS tools to support program and institutional self-study for the purposes of planning continuous improvement. The tools support the collection of all manner of campus assessment data as well as a fully integrated Accreditation Management Suite. In equal measure, the company provides expert consulting, Thought Leadership, turnkey solutions as regards best practice in assessment system design to return valid data, and extensive system integration solutions (IMS LTI1.1 and LIS 2.0). The company offers high-end analytics and statistical analysis to reveal patterns in learning (quantitative analysis), and to empower data-driven improvement (qualitative analysis). The company is a privately owned, federally incorporated Canadian Company servicing hundreds of universities & colleges and other types of instructional organizations in the USA, Canada, Australia (ANZ) and the United Kingdom. It was incorporated officially in October of 2000, though its R&D work began four years prior to that date.