Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Adopts Desire2Learn for Oklahoma Consortium | Press Release | D2L
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  • Kitchener-Waterloo, ON

Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Adopts Desire2Learn for Oklahoma Consortium

Press Release

Oklahoma Higher Education Consortium to increase collaboration across the state utilizing the Desire2Learn solution

Desire2Learn, a world leading provider of enterprise eLearning solutions, announced today that the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE), the State’s public higher education coordinating body, has selected the Desire2Learn enterprise eLearning solution as the Learning Management System (LMS) for the Oklahoma Higher Education Consortium. Desire2Learn will provide the enterprise eLearning solution initially to Rose State College and Southwestern Oklahoma State University for a combined 13,000 users. The Oklahoma Consortium anticipates adding many institutions over the next year. After an extensive evaluation process with participation from Chief Information Officers and senior IT stakeholders throughout Oklahoma’s system of public higher education, Desire2Learn was selected as the winning solution for its innovative leadership as well as being the only LMS with the capability of meeting the scalability requirements for the consortium model approach.

With a current enrollment of more than 236,000 students, the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education system is comprised of 25 colleges and universities, 10 constituent agencies and one higher education center. The Desire2Learn solution will enable the Oklahoma Consortium to reach its goal of utilizing a robust and scalable solution. By selecting Desire2Learn, the Oklahoma Consortium will empower public institutions across the state of Oklahoma to deliver an enhanced academic program to learners statewide. Additionally the Desire2Learn Learning Repository, enabling the storing, sharing and tracking of learning objects, will provide an opportunity to increase collaboration across the state.

The Desire2Learn Enterprise eLearning Suite is designed to support the mission-critical needs of large institutions and consortiums with the desire for more advanced management of their eLearning initiatives, courses and diverse roles that interact within and across multiple campuses, departments and programs. The unique architecture, found only in the Desire2Learn Learning Environment, allows a single hosted environment to support the diverse needs of multiple campuses and institutions while providing the ability to share and collaborate as a group, and retaining autonomy as required.

Through the consortium model, the individual schools in the state of Oklahoma will have access to advanced technology, shared expertise and the opportunity to share content across the state. As a participatory consortium any state higher educational institution can join and benefit from aggregated licensing and reduced hosting costs. OneNet, an operational division of the OSRHE and the official state telecommunications network, will provide hosting services. Each institution will have its own autonomous eLearning environment and will conduct its own integrations over time.

“Pursuing an enterprise-class hosted solution was the goal of our institutions,” said Kurt Snodgrass, Vice Chancellor for IT and Telecommunications for the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. “After extensive evaluation, it was determined that Desire2Learn’s solution would enable Oklahoma higher education to leverage a consortia model as well as the capabilities of the statewide research network. The key factor involved in the decision-making was functionality and Desire2Learn set itself apart from the others. More importantly, the outcome is a true partnership between our institutions and Desire2Learn – all in an effort to meet the online learning needs of Oklahoma students.”

“We are delighted that Oklahoma State of Regents for Higher Education has selected Desire2Learn for the Oklahoma Consortium,” said John Baker, Desire2Learn President and CEO. “We look forward to continued collaboration and developing a strong partnership, one in which we will enable the Oklahoma Consortium to achieve their impressive vision to increase collaboration and engage and enable their users across the state to succeed.”

About Desire2Learn Inc.

Desire2Learn Inc. is a world-leading provider of enterprise eLearning solutions that enable institutions and other organizations to create teaching and learning environments that reflect their vision, values, goals, pedagogical approaches and branding. Desire2Learn supports over four million learners worldwide and clients include higher education, K-12, as well as associations, government, and other leading organizations. For more information, visit: www.Desire2Learn.com or call 1.888.772.0325.

About Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

The Oklahoma State System of Higher Education was created in 1941 by a vote of the people that amended the state’s constitution to provide for such a system.

With a current enrollment of more than 236,000 students, the state system is comprised of 25 colleges and universities and 10 constituent agencies and one higher education center. The State System is coordinated by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, and each institution is governed by a board of regents.

The State Regents prescribe academic standards of higher education, determine functions and courses of study at state colleges and universities, grant degrees, recommend to the state Legislature budget allocations for each college and university, and recommend proposed fees within limits set by the Legislature.

While the State Regents are the coordinating board of control for all institutions in the State System of Higher Education, governing boards of regents and boards of trustees are responsible for the operation and management of each State System institution or higher education program.

About Oklahoma Consortium

The Oklahoma consortium is comprised of public higher education institutions who desire to work collaboratively in the evaluation, selection and deployment of enterprise-class services. Through this focused collaboration, the Oklahoma Consortium can achieve economies of scale and create efficiencies within the public higher education system while delivering state of the art applications to its students, faculty and staff.


For information, contact:

Jacqueline Chioreanu
Marketing Specialist
Desire2Learn Inc.
(519) 772-0325 ext. 365

Ben Hardcastle
Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education
Director of Communications
Phone: (405) 225-9346
Mobile: (405) 640-9672
Email: bhardcastle@osrhe.edu