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  • Kitchener-Waterloo, ON

Desire2Learn Raises the Bar with Release of Learning Suite 9.0

Press Release

New products focus on ensuring pedagogically-sound courses and programs that will transform education, training and networked learning experiences

Desire2Learn Incorporated (Desire2Learn), a leading provider of mission-critical enterprise eLearning solutions, today announced the release of Desire2Learn Learning Suite 9.0. The release includes major innovations that will enable clients to improve the experience for their learners, instructors and administrators and will have considerable influence on teaching and learning.

“Our systems are designed to have a measurable impact on strategic priorities. This release will change the game in many ways as it is centered on pedagogically-sound course design, with successful learning outcomes at the forefront. Our continued focus on security, accessibility, reliability, user experience and performance means clients will always have a system they can count on to ensure they maintain a leadership position,” remarks John Baker, President & CEO, Desire2Learn.

Desire2Learn Learning Suite 9.0 includes significant advancements to the core learning management system (LMS) (Desire2Learn Learning Environment), as well as Desire2Learn Learning Repository, Desire2Learn ePortfolio and Desire2Learn Analytics. These advancements, as well as dozens of other feature improvements, are the outcome of extensive client input on the new version as well as the direct result of client feedback gathered and strategic research and development (R&D) projects undertaken.

The new Desire2Learn Instructional Design Wizard and Desire2Learn Course Builder are complementary to the existing content management tools, and are the result of substantial investment and years of intensive R&D involving clients, strategic research partners, including National Research Council of Canada (NRC) and Universit de Moncton, along with many members of the Desire2Learn R&D group. For more information about this research partnership, please see

Desire2Learn Instructional Design Wizard is a new tool that increases the quality of courses and enables time-savings by simplifying and streamlining the course development process using an instructional design framework.

Within the Instructional Design Wizard, instructors can:

Instructional Design Wizard Screenshot | Increase the quality of courses and save development time through the use of an instructional design framework
  • Organize tools and steps for setting up courses
  • Organize a course into modular units with complete learning experiences
  • Define course learning objectives
  • Incorporate outcomes-based assessment
  • Identify appropriate instructional methods
  • Recommend tools to use to create the learning experiences desired in the course
    • Promoting alignment of those experiences with Bloom’s taxonomy
  • Create structure and placeholders for the Course Builder tool
  • Review instructional design strategies

Desire2Learn Course Builder is an intuitive drag-and-drop interface within Desire2Learn Learning Environment that enables organization and management of the development of a course, its lessons, and its materials. This is all accomplished in an accessible framework.

Within Course Builder, instructors can:

Course Builder Screenshot | Simplify and quickly build courses with our drag and drop accessible interface
  • Organize and structure lessons and complete courses
  • Interact with course materials, learning experiences and assessments in an organized and consolidated interface
  • Build on the placeholder and structure guidance provided by the Instructional Design Wizard to align to instructional goals
  • Easily associate competencies and learning objectives with learning experiences and assessments
    • Creating activities to build competency structure to promote objective-based learning and assessment
  • Add learning experience and assessment placeholders to enable defining the structure of a course
    • Populate them later by creating new items or linking to existing resources

Course Builder will enhance the course development process and end user experience. Educators will spend less time focusing on the technology and more time on what’s important: teaching and learning.

Desire2Learn Learning Repository 5.0 has been designed to dramatically increase value through improved search and the storage of not only learning activities, but now assessments and quiz questions. Open standards are being leveraged to help with library integrations and incorporating other repositories to provide a simple method to discover, access and incorporate global learning resources.

Desire2Learn ePortfolio 3.0 takes social learning to a new level with improved dashboards and the expansion of open APIs and Web Services.

Desire2Learn Analytics 1.1 focuses on providing greater access to information on student performance and engagement, expanding the capabilities of existing data and enabling customization of assessment and rubric criteria.

Further details on these features will be highlighted in a subsequent release or can be accessed by visiting

“We heard very clearly from our educational and corporate clients that they needed help with frameworks to support instructional design, and to speed the development of high quality courses and programs that meet their vision for a high value learner experience,” states Baker. “The effort behind this release wasn’t just focused on tools for a single instructor building a course; we were also addressing the demand for multidisciplinary course development teams needing a better framework for their course and program development.”

To learn more about Desire2Learn Learning Suite 9.0, and experience it first hand, visit, call 1.888.772.0325 or email

Desire2Learn Instructional Design Wizard

Increase the quality of courses and save development time through the use of an instructional design framework.

Desire2Learn Course Builder

Simplify and quickly build courses with our drag and drop accessible interface.

About Desire2Learn Incorporated

Desire2Learn Incorporated is a world-leading provider of enterprise eLearning solutions that enable institutions and other organizations to create teaching and learning environments that reflect their vision, values, goals, pedagogical approaches and branding. Desire2Learn and its subsidiaries support more than five million learners worldwide and clients include Higher EducationK-12, as well as AssociationsGovernment and other leading organizations. Founded in 1999, Desire2Learn is headquartered in Kitchener, ON, Canada with personnel located in North America, the U.K. and Australia. For more information,, call 1.519.772.0325 or toll-free 1.888.772.0325 (within North America), 0808.234.6744 (U.K.) and +61 412 067 308 (Australia).

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