Desire2Learn Announces Advanced New ePortfolio Product at EDUCAUSE 2007 | Press Release | D2L
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  • Seattle, WA

Desire2Learn Announces Advanced New ePortfolio Product at EDUCAUSE 2007

Press Release

Desire2Learn introduces new ePortfolio at EDUCAUSE 2007 conference enabling users to collect, organize and share information

Desire2Learn Inc., a leading provider of mission-critical enterprise eLearning solutions, today announced the Desire2Learn ePortfolio � a personal repository for organizing, presenting and reflecting on digital artifacts. The user-focused portfolio application enables users to reflect on and present their academic and professional growth and achievements over time to various audiences. The new product supports the expanding requirements of the market and was designed with over four years of extensive client-based research. It can be used either as a standalone product or fully integrated with the Desire2Learn eLearning Suite.

The Desire2Learn ePortfolio enables easy management of digital artifacts and evidence-based reflections on learning experiences. Users have complete control over their portfolios � they can easily tailor the look-and-feel of their presentations for varying audiences and manage the context of how information is presented and to whom. Diverse audiences, including individuals without Desire2Learn access, can be given access to the portfolio presentation as well as access to the raw artifacts, collections or reflections. Additionally, evidence of learning can be mapped to structured requirements, a degree, or a particular set of work-based competencies. This collected information can be aligned with course or program outcomes by tightly integrating with the Desire2Learn industry-leading competencies/outcomes tracking system and rubrics.

Users can upload digital artifacts (e.g. homework assignment, intern report, presentation, digital photos, etc.) of any file type, and the system provides easy management of large collections of artifacts and presentations. Files can be directly uploaded through the system, imported from the Learning Environment or imported from an external source and efficiently organized into the desired collections. The Desire2Learn ePortfolio provides certification capabilities which allow artifacts that are added from the learning management system, such as a graded essay, to be listed as “certified” and the integrity of that data is maintained by the ePortfolio.

Desire2Learn ePortfolio Offers:

  • Unparalleled Flexibility: Empowers users to use the Desire2Learn ePortfolio for multiple purposes such as a personal repository, in which users can collect and organize lifelong lists of accomplishments, presentations, group projects; organization accreditation; resume creation; professional development and much more. Organizations can leverage the flexibility of the Desire2Learn core architecture for unlimited roles, and a wide variety of permission sets to tailor the implementation of their programs.
  • Easy Management: Enables the easy creation, organization and presentation of learning artifacts and reflections in a timely manner, using an engaging and intuitive user interface. Managing artifacts is made simple and effective by leveraging Web 2.0 technologies and concepts; learners can get started quickly and easily by selecting portfolio contents, configuring how information is presented and deciding what to share with others. Additionally, workflow is made easier with a dashboard and the ability to invite individuals to review or comment on elements of a presentation or artifacts.
  • Learner Empowerment: Makes the learning process seamless by providing learners with the ability to track and view progress over time, outside the boundaries of a course or program. Learners can receive ongoing review of their work through self- and peer-evaluation.
  • New Approaches to Learning: Offers instructors new ways of supporting group collaboration or individual work, and increased capabilities to monitor, provide feedback and assess student progress on very granular levels. The Desire2Learn ePortfolio enables instructors to provide scaffolding to learners, and encourages them to reflect on their learning while providing structure and support.
  • Social Networking: Supports social networking by connecting users with their peers and mentors. The Desire2Learn ePortfolio facilitates the formation of communities and peer-to-peer networks within and outside the classroom.
  • Ubiquitous Assessment: Offers a powerful suite of tools to measure and assess learning outcomes and the ability to recognize achievement in ways traditional methods cannot. Standards can be created using the Desire2Learn Learning Outcomes and Rubrics tools, found in the Learning Environment, to easily facilitate student assessment while data reporting and other administrative tasks are made easier.

“We are excited about the new Desire2Learn ePortfolio,” said John Baker, Desire2Learn President and CEO. “This product has been anxiously awaited by many of our clients, particularly those involved in the long research and development phase, and we are excited about its potential for improving teaching and learning, and its ability to support users of all types to continue their life-long pursuit of learning. We will continue to work with clients and members of the community to create, develop and deliver new innovations to advance teaching and learning.”


Stop by booth 935 at EDUCAUSE 2007, visit, call 1.888.772.0325 or email for details.

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Desire2Learn Inc. is a world-leading provider of enterprise eLearning solutions that enable institutions and other organizations to create teaching and learning environments that reflect their vision, values, goals, pedagogical approaches and branding. Desire2Learn supports over four million learners worldwide and clients include higher education, K-12, as well as associations, government, and other leading organizations. For more information, visit: or call 1.888.772.0325.


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