Adventist Distance Education Consortium and Desire2Learn Forge Agreement to Implement Enterprise Learning Solution | Press Release | D2L
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  • Silver Springs, MD, and Kitchener-Waterloo, ON

Adventist Distance Education Consortium and Desire2Learn Forge Agreement to Implement Enterprise Learning Solution

Press Release

ADEC to implement Desire2Learn across multiple North American institutions in effort to increase collaboration and coordination, and expand offering to affiliated international schools.

The Adventist Distance Education Consortium (ADEC), a group
of 13 Seventh-day Adventist affiliated colleges and universities in North America, and Desire2Learn Inc., a world-leading provider of
mission-critical enterprise learning systems, today announced the creation of an agreement to provide the Desire2Learn enterprise learning
solution to ADEC-member institutions and plans for rapid global expansion to include schools of all educational levels and sizes.

ADEC has adopted a process that includes broad involvement from institutions to consolidate its existing course management systems (CMS)
into a single mission-critical enterprise system to be used across ADEC institutions for thousands of students, faculty and staff at nine
institutions within the first year alone. Beginning in May 2005, the nine ADEC institutions will begin implementing the Desire2Learn
Learning Platform, with future plans to develop an integrated K-20 global learning system to support its network of affiliated institutions

ADEC-member institutions will deploy the Desire2Learn Learning Platform, a complete suite of easy-to-use teaching and learning tools for
course development, delivery, assessment, communication, learning management and much more. Desire2Learn’s enterprise system is
designed to support the mission-critical needs of large institutions and consortiums with the need for more advanced management of the
learning environment, courses and different roles that interact within and across multiple campuses, departments and various other
programs. Desire2Learn’s unique architecture allows a single hosted environment to support the very diverse needs of multiple
campuses and institutions while giving the ability to share and collaborate as a group, and to retain appropriate autonomy at the respective

ADEC member institutions include: Andrews University, Atlantic Union College, Canadian University College, Columbia Union College, Griggs
University/ Home Study International, La Sierra University, Oakwood College, Pacific Union College, Southern Adventist University,
Southwestern Adventist University, Union College, and Walla Walla College.

The agreement also includes the Desire2Learn Learning Object Repository (LOR), an easy-to-use standards-based learning object repository
enabling the storing, sharing and tracking of learning objects, which seamlessly integrates with the Desire2Learn Learning Platform.
The D2L LOR will allow faculty, staff and others at ADEC institutions to effectively capture, reuse and manage content across multiple
programs, schools and even across the entire consortium. Costs associated with development, delivery and management of the learning
environment can be significantly reduced, while improving the satisfaction for students, faculty and administrators.

Through the consortium model, the individual schools will have access to more advanced technology, shared expertise and shared
content. This model will provide superior value and support, and an enhanced level of service for all stakeholders, while preserving
each institution’s unique identity. By combining resources through a common technology and services provider, individual institutions
and consortiums benefit from increased collaboration and coordination, expertise and economies of scale within a competitive education

“The Seventh-day Adventist colleges and universities in North America have committed themselves to collaborative efforts in several areas,”
said Gerald Kovalski, Chair of the ADEC Board. “A common course management system is one of those efforts. We are pleased to
begin our journey to bring about this reality.”

“We are thrilled that ADEC choose Desire2Learn as their enterprise learning solution, and we look forward to working closely with them to
build a successful, long-term relationship,” said John Baker, Desire2Learn President and CEO. “Our comprehensive learning technology
coupled with our services and support is designed to assist organizations such as ADEC in achieving their impressive goals and vision for
improving teaching and learning, and fostering greater collaboration worldwide.”

Partnership Information

Seventh-day Adventist schools interested in learning more about the ADEC and Desire2Learn agreement opportunities to save thousands of
dollars in hardware, licensing, implementation and migration services, and server administration should contact Brian Harris with ADEC at
(909) 558-1000 ext. 81610 or

About the Adventist Distance Education Consortium

The Adventist Distance Education Consortium is a group of 13 Seventh-day Adventist affiliated colleges and universities in North America.
The goal of the consortium is to offer a central information source to college students seeking distance learning courses. The mission
of the consortium is to enable its member institutions to develop, promote, and deliver high-quality Christian distance education programs
for the benefit of motivated independent learners. For more information, please visit:

About Desire2Learn Inc.

Desire2Learn Inc. is a world-leading provider of enterprise mission-critical learning systems that empower education to build teaching
and learning environments that reflect their values, goals, objectives, pedagogical approaches, branding and vision. Desire2Learn clients
include colleges, universities, schools, as well as associations and other leading organizations. There are more than 2.5 million
users of the Desire2Learn enterprise eLearning technology worldwide. Founded in 1999, Desire2Learn is headquartered in
Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. For more information, please visit:


Jacqueline Chioreanu
Media/PR Contact
Desire2Learn Inc.

(519) 772-0325
Brian Harris
Project Manager & Marketing
(909) 558-1000 ext. 81610