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Meaningful Data to enable Student Growth and Engagement

Keeping students on track and fully engaged with the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Funds, including the CARES Act

Pertinent data and analytics are critical in making timely, informed decisions, as well as measuring outcomes and trends on a school and district level. Leveraging data in the Brightspace platform can provide deeper insight into learning activities and even serve to predict at-risk behavior. It can also have a huge impact on student and institutional success.

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Keep students on track with built-in analytics for teachers

Measure and follow student progress throughout the school year with simple dashboards. Class Progress provides a high-level view of how students are progressing. The Outcomes Report shows how learners are grasping specific learning outcomes in their learning path. You can easily get a sense of how each student is progressing on a variety of indicators and identify individual student trends in content completion, logins, grades, and more. Students can also access their own progress page at any time, allowing for full transparency during the complete learning journey.

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Track student engagement

Easily track students’ progress and engagement in their learning to identify students at-risk before they are too far off track and provide early intervention. Data dashboards provide a fantastic bird’s-eye view into which content topics students have accessed and how much time they spent engaged in their work. Using the virtual assistant within Brightspace, teachers can send automated reminders, alerts and personalized feedback to learners triggered by teacher-defined criteria. For example, send reminders, open alternative learning pathways, or use in-the-moment personalized feedback to provide that extra nudge to keep learners on track and on task.

A more personalized learning experience

Having access to data provides insight into individual student performance, growth, engagement history, and course activities. Armed with this knowledge, teachers can provide the same individualized attention and differentiated instruction to each student at a distance as they would in the classroom.

Make sense of your data

Brightspace comes with a set of ‘default’ built-in reports that help teachers visualize data. These reports allow teachers to see what content is being accessed, and how learners are progressing through the course. This can be used to review metrics on both learner performance as well as measure course effectiveness.

Integrate with your SIS

Brightspace can connect directly with your school’s student information system (SIS) and other teaching tools using application programming interface (API)-based application data that allows bidirectional integration of student data. Create a full picture of your district or state without multiple data entry requirements.

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