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Assessment to Improve Teaching and Learning

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Assessment is an integral part of learning, so the Brightspace platform has been designed to provide teachers the flexibility to assess learning in a variety of teaching and learning models. Whether providing assessment for learning (to determine where students are and where they need to go), assessment as learning (where formative assessment and feedback promote the process of learning) or assessment of learning (to evaluate and measure learning), Brightspace delivers ease and flexibility.

Assessments in Brightspace are designed to make set-up and participation easy. Assessments enable teachers to teach the way they want, while making it simple to measure and track student achievement and reach out to students on progress and results — so they can foster growth and engagement. Teachers can assess using assignments, quizzes, discussions, rubrics and more, all with feedback designed to engage, motivate, and empower students.

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Formative Assessment

Create and deliver traditional standards-aligned assessments to gather insight into individual student progress and differentiate instruction. The Question Library is a central repository that stores and archives quiz questions that you can reuse within a course for your quizzes, practice quizzes, exams, surveys, and self-assessments. Create multiple collections within the Library to organize your questions by type and topic, making it easier for you to find questions, pull them into your assessments, and even create a randomized pool. Share assessments with classrooms across the district or state to gather comparable data on students to identify trends and target interventions and resources.

Interim Assessment

Quickly create quizzes to assess concept mastery throughout a course by copying questions from an existing course, grabbing them from a shared district collection, or even importing a CSV file. Use release conditions to set proficiency goals before students can progress to new concepts, to scaffold new materials, or to release content based on a specific student’s needs.

Innovate in Assessment

Provide choice and autonomy to teachers and students in assessing knowledge and concept mastery.

Video assessments provide students with experiential learning opportunities by applying their knowledge in another real-world medium.

Rubrics allow teachers to provide feedback to students for project-based and other non-standard assessment formats.

Use the Portfolio tool to have students collect and organize evidence of their learning to share with subsequent teachers as they advance in their education journey. Teachers can provide feedback as students master concepts over time.

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Standards Mapping

Create lessons aligned with state or district standards using materials from publishers, district-developed content, open educational resources (OER), or existing content stored on online services like the Google Drive™ storage service. Teachers can map content to standards in just a few clicks, and helpful visualizations let teachers know whether they’re covering the right material for assessment. Suggested pacing shows how materials fall into the class calendar, and teachers can add, change, and arrange content on-the-fly.

Teacher Collaboration

Identify innovative teaching, best practices, and other trends through assessment sharing and other collaborative tools that easily allow you to create classroom, school, and district level data analysis and reports.

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