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    Brightspace Core

    All the features and support you need to reimagine blended learning at every K-12 grade level. The tools in Brightspace Core help teachers create an engaging learning experience for students of all ages from one central platform. Support and training services help ensure principals, staff, and teachers can make the most of the LMS.

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    Tablet and mobile devices displaying Brightspace features for students of all ages, including Brightspace Portfolio "Funster"

    Ease of use.

    The mobile-friendly interface with icon-based navigation is designed to make daily tasks easier for students of all ages, as well as teachers, parents, and administrators.

    Saving teachers time.

    Easily create lessons aligned to standards. Post announcements, assignments, and more with the class in just a few clicks.

    Built-in analytics.

    Simple dashboards help teachers make sense of data and track student progress throughout the school year.

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    Screenshot of Brightspace Engagement Plus for K-12 on a mobile device

    Engagement Plus

    Help K-12 schools take student learning to the next level with video and fully-online supplemental learning opportunities.

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    Screenshot of Brightspace Performance Plus for K-12 on a screen

    Performance Plus

    Give virtual school teachers the tools they need to improve student outcomes with data-driven teaching.

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    Screenshot of Brightspace Engagement Plus features for Higher Education on mobile


    Organize, assign, and track professional learning and training for faculty and staff from within a single platform and simple dashboard.

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    for Brightspace

    More tools and features to make the learning experience even better.

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