Brightspace for K-12
Pilot Program

The K12 Pilot Program is designed to help you dive right into Brightspace for K-12 so that you can use an LMS in your blended classroom to transform learning at your school – quickly.

With the Pilot Program, you’ll speed through the learning curve and see the results from Brightspace right away. This exclusive program is a great opportunity for you to partner with the experienced and expert team from D2L, who are familiar with the challenges you face, and are invested in helping you achieve success with this program.

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Screenshots of different user interfaces of the Portfolio app for teachers and primary students.

Simplified content management

Get started right away with a smooth process for implementation

  • Your environment will be available in under two hours once you decide to go ahead
  • Plug-and-play SIS integration for up to five schools through Clever, ClassLink or OneRoster® will make it easy to connect your student information system into Brightspace

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Set teachers up for success with targeted resources to help them start using Brightspace right way

  • Training is specifically designed to set your teachers up for success – a kickoff session will get them started, followed by ‘learn-a-little, do-a-little’ sessions to provide guidance on specific tasks so that they can dive right in.
  • Design templates for course homepages are included that teachers can use a starting point – with designs targeted to non-readers, young learners, middle school and high school students.
  • An implementation specialist will be your mentor and coach to guide you through each step – pointing you to specific help materials, assisting you with various activities and keeping the program on track so that you’re set up for success

Get the help you need with extra support

On top of the excellent support program that is part of Brightspace Core, the Pilot Program includes an additional 90 days of chat box support so that teachers can get all the assistance they need to hit the ground running. We’ll be your partner through the entire process

Rest easy knowing that D2L is invested in helping you succeed with this program

This exclusive program is only available to qualifying partners who will be using an LMS in their blended classroom for the first time.

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