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Save Time and Energy With iLearnNYC

If you’re an NYC teacher, you know that time isn’t money—time is energy, and both are nonrenewable resources. But teachers who use iLearnNYC save time and energy.

This webinar will show you how to get started with iLearnNYC, your all-in-one teaching and learning platform, powered by D2L Brightspace. The best part? You already have free access.

Join us for a rundown of the tools, features and workflows designed to save you time and effort. We’ll share resources during the webinar, as well as classroom-ready tips and tricks that will help you engage, inspire and spark a love of learning in your students.

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1 Hour


You’ll Learn:

How to get started with iLearnNYC and save time with its tools, features and workflows

How you can create learning experiences that engage and inspire your students

Three quick and easy ways to start using iLearnNYC in your classroom

Time isn’t money, but saving it is priceless. Join us for a better teaching experience.