Fusion Sponsors

Fusion brings together forward-thinking decision makers focused on improving teaching and learning through innovation. More than 1000 educational stakeholders from Higher Education, K-12 and Corporate Learning will join us in Las Vegas to share new ideas, network and advance their skills.

Our annual conference is an incredible opportunity to make new connections – connect with peers, with ideas and with innovation. As one of today’s leading teaching and learning events, Fusion offers D2L partners the ability to connect with today’s brightest minds.

Here’s what some of our partners had to say about Fusion 2016:

“Fusion a valuable opportunity to connect on a meaningful and deep level with prospects and existing customers.”

“Fusion is high value and excellent source of qualified leads.”

“This is the best opportunity to catch up with D2L and connect with potential clients.”

“Great conference this year! The exhibit floor layout provided us with lots of opportunity to interact with user groups and prospects.”

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