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Fusion brings together forward-thinking decision makers focused on improving teaching and learning through innovation. Educators and learning leaders from Higher Education and K-12 will join us in Houston to share new ideas, network and advance their skills.

Our annual conference is an incredible opportunity to make new connections – connect with peers, and share innovative ideas. As one of today’s leading learning and development events, Fusion offers D2L partners the ability to connect with some of today’s brightest minds.

Here’s what some of our partners had to say about Fusion 2017:

“Fusion was executed spectacularly and everyone was a delight. It could not have been easier for us to walk in and just get started. It was very clear a lot of planning/ organizing went into this event. The genuine excitement from the D2L team was contagious!”

“I can’t tell you enough how much I LOVE the branded booth! Plug in and Go! The set up and location was really well done. We had consistent traffic and very little down time.”

“LOVE the booth design! Other conferences make you set up your own booth and travel with a ton of signage… D2L made it easy! Attendees seemed to love it as well.”

“Well organized conference. Good networking and lead generation opportunity.”

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