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This Year, It’s Personal

Presenter Toolkit for Fusion 2022 in Boston

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Thank you for being a part of D2L Fusion! We look forward to having you present at Fusion and want to provide some information and tools to help you prepare for, announce, and deliver an excellent presentation.

As you get yourself organized and set for the big day, below are your first three steps

1. Take Care of Your Registration Details

Make sure you register* for Fusion. You must be registered to attend in-person and have access to the virtual Fusion “venue” and resources. And be sure to confirm your mailing address so that we can send you a presenter gift! *Please note all presenters receive a registration discount code. Make sure you get yours!

2. Share Your Participation on Social Media

We’re excited to include your session in this year’s Fusion and encourage you to share your participation on social media.

Feel free to use the social graphics here in conjunction with any social media posts you’re sharing about Fusion.

  • As soon as your presentation is confirmed, you can start promoting your session on your own social media channels to increase exposure for your presentation and build interest in your topic(s).
  • As soon as your presentation is confirmed, you can start promoting your session on your own social media channels to increase exposure for your presentation and build interest in your topic(s).

We also want to share your posts, so be sure to tag @D2L and use #D2LFusion!

D2L Twitter screenshot in tablet

3. Upload Your Photo to the Website

  • Log in to the Speaker’s Portal.
  • Select “Speaker Details.”
  • Select “Edit.”
  • Select “Upload Photo.”
  • Select the photo you would like to use for your profile.
  • Select “Save.”
  • Your photo will automatically populate on the “Speakers” page of the Fusion website.

screenshot of uploading photo to website

General Presentation Guidelines:

Your In-Person Session Information

You will be receiving information about the date and time of your session, once the schedule is available in mid to late April. Please note – the room may change up until the week of Fusion. Ensure you are aware of the location of your presentation.

For Five-Minute Flare presentations

  • Barry Dahl sent an email to all Flares presenters. Contact him if you can’t find it.
  • A personalized PPT deck was sent to each presenter. Using the proper deck is essential for the success of the Flares presentations.
  • Contact Barry with any questions.

For Discussion Forums

  • At Fusion, Discussion Forums are very different from other breakouts. If you are a facilitator, please pay special attention to this section.
  • Discussion rooms are laid out as an enclosed rectangle with 40-50 seats available.
  • Discussion leaders can sit where they like, but typically in the middle of one side of the rectangle.
  • Discussion leaders will not have access to presentation projectors or screens.
    • We want this to be a face-to-face discussion of your topic, not a seminar-style presentation.
  • Prepare a few questions in advance.
    • Keep in mind that the session is only 40 minutes. A few good questions that spark lively discussions will likely fill your entire time.
  • As facilitator, feel free to express your opinions and share your experiences, but keep in mind that one of our goals in Fusion Discussions is to hear from as many attendees as possible.

For Standard Presentations

  • Standard sessions are 40 minutes in length.
  • This is your typical conference presentation with podium, projector, and screen.

For Lightning Round

  • Lightning sessions are 20 minutes in length.
  • Two sessions are scheduled into one 45-minute time slot, thus providing a short transition time from the first session to the second.
  • Please be aware that you cannot run over time without impacting the other presenters or the attendees.
  • There will be a D2L employee in the room to facilitate the smooth transition between the two presenters.

For Panel Presentations

  • Rooms for Panels will be set up with a long table in the front of the room with multiple microphones where the speakers will sit.

Tips for a Great Presentation

Practice your session. Be thoroughly familiar with your material and ask others for feedback on your presentation and presenting style.

Be engaging. To hold the audience’s attention, engage attendees with storytelling and by asking them to share related and relevant experiences. For in-person, encourage attendees to ask questions and to share about the presentation on social media.

Strive to make an impression. Have one to three takeaways from your session that the audience can use or learn from—point them out verbally or include them in your presentation or a handout that attendees can download.

Share your contact information. Provide your social media handles, LinkedIn profile, and email address so attendees can connect with you after the session.

Share your resources. See information at the bottom about posting your presentation resources in the Fusion LOR (slide decks, web docs, URLs, etc.).

Join the conversation. Check social media and the discussion forum in Fusion On-Demand and reply to any posts or questions about your session

Final Preparations before Fusion Begins

Add and Then Confirm Your Materials in Our Learning Repository (LOR)

Once you register for Fusion, we can add you as a presenter in the LOR so that you can share your presentation resources (slide deck, documents, etc.).


You will find the LOR in the Brightspace course being used for Fusion On-Demand.

  • To find Fusion On-Demand, log in to the virtual conference platform, then click one of the links to Fusion On-Demand.
  • Once you’re in there, you will see a link on the navigation bar titled “Add My Session Materials.”
  • Please fill out the requested information, including your session title, and then publish everything to the Fusion 2022 repository.

FAQs and Technical Assistance

Visit the attendee FAQs page for help troubleshooting any technical difficulties.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].

We can’t wait to see you at Fusion 2022!

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