Personalized Learning Conference | Fusion 2017
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Personalized Learning Conference

The landscape of education is evolving. At Fusion, you will find innovative educators who can share their experiences and ideas to support your personalized learning initiatives, and have opportunities to connect with peers at other organizations to share best practices.

Personalized Learning Focused Breakout Sessions

Instructional Design and Leveraging Brightspace
Wednesday @ 10:30AM
In this lightening round presented by Michigan Virtual Unversity, find out how to leverage Brightspace tools for courses with little facilitation, reimagine professional development, and mix the resources, tools and platform in fun, creative ways.
A Success Story: K-12 Adoption at DSBN
Wednesday @ 11:30AM
This presentation will explain how it’s possible to have 100% user adoption in Secondary School, with Kindergarten students as your leading users. Attendees are invited to find out. With an over 80% Board wide adoption of Brightspace, they will see how the District School Board of Niagara used different adoption strategies to maximize the use of Brightspace throughout its board.
Choose Your Own Adventure in Brightspace; Maximizing Technology with Hybrid Flexible Design
Wednesday @ 11:30AM
Brightspace supports the development of a hybrid flexible (HyFlex) course. Other technologies have been integrated to offer a highly flexible, personalized learning for diverse learners, regardless of their location. This learner-centred design embraces the Vision 2020 mission statement of Bow Valley College.
Getting Started with Personalized and Adaptive Learning
Wednesday @ 11:30AM
Digital learning offers many exciting opportunities to enhance traditional pedagogy. Increasing learner engagement is great example of this type of opportunity, especially through personalization and adaptive learning. In this session, participants will learn about the current landscape, key trends in these pedagogical methods and Brightspace capabilities. Attendees will learn about personalizing courses through Intelligent Agents and the introducing adaptive learning with LeaP™.
Content – Put It All In Your Course – Adding All The Things To Your Course Content
Wednesday @ 3:10PM
LMS users can put just about any content in their course. Users can embed items like an Office365® document, video, audio, they can create an entire website and more, from the nearly limitless options available. The presenters will also discuss the Why. Why users might use these tools in their course in the first place, how to put them in a course and how these tools can benefit students.
Changing Everything: How Saint Leo Transformed Learning, Culture, and Technology in 18 Months
Wednesday @ 3:10PM
Saint Leo University had 18 months to implement their plan; from vision, to full integration of a 9 product, learning “ecosystem”, including a revamp of its eLearning design & development strategy, as well as training for 2,000 faculty, and migration of 45,000 courses. This presentation will describe the strategies, politics, pitfalls, and successes behind the massive undertaking.
ePortfolio and Assessment
Wednesday @ 3:10PM
This lightening round includes a hands-on session on creating ePortfolio presentations andhow to use ePortfolio and other tools for Performance Based Assessment.
Student Engagement and LE Customization
Wednesday @ 3:10PM
In this lightening round, educators from St. Edward Highschool, District School Board of Niagara, and Florida Virtual School will present creative approaches to course and LE customization are empowering students.
How to Create a Scaleable LE And Not Sacrifice Learner Engagement
Thursday @ 9AM
Educators from Saint Leo University, Michigan State University, and Slippery Rock University present on improving learner engagement at scale with various techniques.
Building A Learning Ecosystem
Thursday @ 10AM
Have you struggled with explaining how all the learning technologies fit together? Are you challenged with providing a clear picture of your corporate learning ecosystem? Join this interactive session for learning practitioners. We’ll step you through how to build an easy to understand diagram of your corporate learning ecosystem. Based on MetLife’s real life example, this session will provide the tools to help your organization explain your learning architecture to a non-technical audience.
Setting Students Up for Success Through Student Engagement
Thursday @ 10AM
A growing number of employers believe graduates are not prepared with the right soft skills to succeed or advance in their careers. Learn how to engage learners through video with Bongo’s Virtual Classroom and Video Assignments to authentically assess soft skills, provide personalized feedback and coaching, and set students up for success.
Designing the Shift: Using Design Thinking to Shift Practice
Thursday @ 10AM
Design thinking is a creative problem solving process that can be employed as an approach to task design in classrooms or as a method to support staffs in approaching their work in novel ways. Participants will learn more about design thinking and how it can support leaders as they work with their staffs to shift paradigms.
Faculty Development: Creating the Opportunity for Faculty Success in Brightspace
Thursday @ 10AM
Explore strategies for faculty training and development in this lightening round presented by staff from McGill University, Oklahoma City University, and Florence-Darlington Technical College.
Increase Student Engagement Using Brightspace Discussion Boards
Thursday @ 2:10PM
In this workshop. attendees will be introduced to several, easy to implement discussion techniques that can be used for online, blended or face-to-face courses. All techniques will allow users to create a lively and engaging conversation for your online or face-to-face courses. Templates, assignment directions and examples will be provided.
Structured Learning Communities
Thursday @ 2:10PM
Join Jason Sjostrom from the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary (Canada) to explore how blended competency sport coach education can be delivered across Canada with D2L’s learning environment tools. By utilizing ePortfolio, Discussion boards, ePortfolio mobile app, and Bongo, we are able to deliver on sport coaches education needs. Our class has a creative mixture of collaboration, content and community to ensure our coaches can deliver quality high performance coaching to their athletes.
How to Promote and Maintain Student and Instructor Engagement in Static Online Courses
Thursday @ 3:10PM
This roundtable discussion will allow others the opportunity to explore the success of a non-traditional, online course driven educational model. It will showcase the University’s ability to implement static online courses and maintain, encourage, and promote student-to-student and instructor-to-student engagement while keeping the curriculum challenging and rigorous.
Ongoing Cadence for Sustaining Personalized and Blended Learning with Brightspace by D2L
Thursday @ 3:10PM
nnett County Public Schools uses a monthly and yearly cadence to effectively address the continuous monthly enhancements to Brightspace. Attendees will learn how GCPS teams work together to provide a sustainable cycle that addresses personalized and blended learning while coordinating planning, testing, communication, training, and instruction.
Strategies For Assessment And Feedback To Enhance Student Learning And Engagement
Thursday @ 3:10PM
Why do instructors assess? What assessment strategies and instruments suit different tasks and pedagogical styles? This interactive session will examine how assessment and feedback can be used to enhance student learning and engagement and demonstrate how tools in Brightspace can be used to facilitate different assessment strategies.
Personalized Learning for Student Engagement with an Analytics Twist
Thursday @ 3:10PM
This Lightening Round will showcase educators from Saint Leo University, Deakin University in Australia, and Pima Community College on the topic of analytics in higher education.
Personalizing the Student Learning Experience
Thursday @ 4:10PM
Personalized instruction allows educators to accelerate and strengthen student learning by adapting digital curriculum to fit student learning needs. Attendees are invited to join the FLVS Team as they take on this topic in a round table discussion about how to successfully customize student learning experiences in the digital classroom.
Improve Student Success and Support While Innovating Course Design
Thursday @ 4:10PM
This lightening round features educators from Piedmont Technical College, University of West Georgia, USG eCampus, and Deakin University on innovative strategies for improving student success.