Leadership and Strategy Track

This Fusion main conference track is for those committed to transforming their institutions to share leadership perspectives, organizational processes, and staff development programs with peers in an effort to help all attendees facilitate institutional change in their organization, and continue to make significant progress in improving learning outcomes.

From Blackboard to Brightspace in 109 days
Wednesday @ 10:00AM

In January 2017, the University of Ottawa transitioned from Blackboard to Brightspace. This is the story of how we managed to migrate and convert over 30,000 courses while keeping our 50,000 users happy- in 109 days. The audience will learn the importance of planning, communicating, executing and will gain valuable insights on how to approach their own migration with confidence. If we can do it, so can you!

Strategies for Supporting Brightspace Across Large Institutions: A Roundtable Discussion
Wednesday @ 10:00AM

Providing Brightspace support across large institutions can be challenging! How are you addressing support needs at your institution? At this roundtable discussion, the facilitator and participants will share strategies for supporting faculty, staff, and students at their respective institutions.

All in One Place - From eTextbooks to Degree Level Tracking
Wednesday @ 11:00AM

The University of Arizona has spent the last 2 years ramping up first day access to electronic textbooks. We will share lessons learned and hear how others have solved similar problems.

Roundtable Discussion on Future Skills
Wednesday @ 11:00AM

The future of jobs is impacted by changing technology, economics, and workforce culture, the nature of work is undergoing a fundamental transformation. In the face of this change, the global skills shortage is well documented, but what are the skills of the future? How can education, business and government work together to address these challenges? How do you see education domains shifting? Join D2L's Chief Strategy Officer for a working roundtable session to explore these questions and more.

Taking the Next Step-Using a Mastery-based Approach to Meet the Needs of Working Adults
Wednesday @ 11:00AM

Many in the workforce are underemployed because of a lack of academic credentials. The presenters will share how leveraging Brightspace tools can open the door for working adults to meet their educational goals using a mastery-based approach and collaboration between two and four-year schools.

Optimizing Course Design and Faculty PD
Wednesday @ 1:55PM

Designing a new course, or revising an existing course - it is a complex path from start to finish. Utilizing SaaS based business process mapping software, staff support instructors in developing online courses through a growth based, decentralized course ownership model.

*FEATURED - Converting Powerful Brightspace Data Sets to Actionable Reports for Administrators and Teachers
Wednesday @ 2:55PM

With little coding experience, the Gwinnett Online Campus Tech Team spent the past year capitalizing on Brightspace Data Sets. Learn how raw data is transformed into valuable, actionable, reproducible reports for administrators and teachers in a diverse, innovative school serving grades 4-12.

Inspiring Excellence in Teaching: The Advance HE Approach
Wednesday @ 2:55PM

Teaching excellence has 5 components: qualified staff, having a clear sense of what students say 'works', peer-to-peer learning approaches, strategic leadership and continuous curriculum development. Advance HE takes a global approach to promoting these components, which will be the focus of this presentation.

How Do You Continue to Inspire Data Access?
Thursday @ 10:20AM

You told us that access to data is critical to your success for planning and delivering great learning experiences. We listened and took your feedback and integrated our learnings into launching the Brightspace Data Sets to enable comprehensive data access. Join us to learn about Differential Data Sets, other updates to the data sets over the last year and continue the conversation about what's next for data.

Secret Boss Training: 4 Brightspace Tools for Your Non-LMS Campus Leaders
Thursday @ 10:20AM

Many campus leaders have never taught with technology themselves. This "secret boss training" shares 4 Brightspace tools (and a little organizational psychology) that get your non-LMS-using leaders to value and support the LMS as part of your campus-wide persistence, retention, and satisfaction efforts.

Demonstrate Student Learning Outcome Achievement & Provide Accreditation Data: It's a Win Win Option
Thursday @ 11:20AM

The Brightspace platform provides educators with useful tools for the collection and storage of assessment data. This session will demonstrate how a nursing program uses the Brightspace Competency tool to provide valuable data to support informed program decision making & accreditation needs.

LMS Conversion Experiences and Strategies
Thursday @ 11:20AM

Representatives from South University, Argosy University, and Art Institutes will present their experiences converting to the Brightspace LMS. The conversion was different for each brand with different goals and strategies. Come ask us about our experiences!

Change Management Panel/Round Table Discussion
Thursday @ 1:10PM

Come and discuss with your peers how various institutions manage change in the Brightspace environment. Topics include introducing system changes, new technologies and options, training and communication.

Maximize Teacher Engagement
Thursday @ 1:10PM

Learn techniques for effectively engaging teachers in Brightspace and creating a pathway for growth.

Building a NESTT to Increase Professional Learning and Collaboration Opportunities
Thursday @ 2:10PM

Learn how Broward College Online increased professional learning and collaboration opportunities through the NESTT, a series of online "fireside conversations". The presenters will discuss the delivery structure, topics, best practices, and lessons learned along the way.

CBE Design Seminar - *INVITATION ONLY*
Friday @ 9:00AM

This 3-hour design seminar brings together key competency-based clients to verify how Brightspace is supporting their current needs and to learn what areas D2L can focus future design and development efforts to support the growing competency-based education market. As a design seminar, participant time will be structured around authentic, engaging activities that facilitate design thinking and foster deeper connections between D2L and our current clients. **Invitation-only**




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