K-12 Education Conference | Fusion 2017
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K12 Attendees

At D2L, we understand that the landscape of education is evolving, and that K-12 institutions need a platform to support successful implementation of those changes. At Fusion, you will find innovative administrators and educators who can share their experiences and ideas to support your blended learning, online learning, and other diverse program needs. You will also have an opportunity to connect and collaborate with peers at dedicated hours to build your network of resources beyond Fusion. We are excited to share the changes that D2L has in store with you and hope that you will come learn and share with us at Fusion!

Activities include:


K12 Breakfast Think Tank, 8:00am – 9:00am, Location: Van Gogh 1
Mix and Mingle K12 Networking Table, 12:30 pm – 1:20 pm, Location: Exhibit Hall Lunch Area


Solution Spotlight Deep Dive (K12), 3:10 pm – 4:00 pm, Location: Raphael 3

K12 Breakfast Think Tank

Year over year we are asked from our K-12 attendees for more time together to connect, ideate, share and learn from one another. This year we are hosting a 1 hour Think Tank where participants work together to discuss, question, share ideas, and recommendations on a series of blended and online learning topics. With the wealth of knowledge amongst you and your peers, we want to enable you to share your experiences and insight with one another, so that you can build a plan of action within your group that encompasses real-world applications and expertise from true innovators.

Join us for a the K12 Think Tank, and of course breakfast!


K12 Focused Breakout Sessions

Gwinnett Online Campus: Transforming Education through Flexible Models of Instruction
Wednesday @ 10:30AM

This interactive session focuses on using Brightspace to deliver instructional models which provide solutions to a wide-variety of instructional needs within a school or district. Participants will engage in scenarios which stretch their thinking about delivering instruction. Gwinnett Online Campus is a full-time school serving grades 4-12.

Online Learning for Non-Readers
Wednesday @ 10:30AM

This session will explore planning, developing, and delivering structured learning opportunities for young students who are learning to read, not reading to learn. As online programs continue to develop for all ages, the challenge is to deliver standards-based learning for Kindergartners and other young, non-reading students.

FEATURED: A Success Story: K-12 Adoption at DSBN
Wednesday @ 11:30AM

This presentation will explain how it's possible to have 100% user adoption in Secondary School, with Kindergarten students as your leading users. Attendees are invited to find out. With an over 80% Board wide adoption of Brightspace, they will see how the District School Board of Niagara used different adoption strategies to maximize the use of Brightspace throughout its board.

The Role of Brightspace in One K-12 Urban District's Shift to Digital Learning & the 21st Century
Wednesday @ 11:30AM

Attendees will learn how the second largest K-12 urban district in Massachusetts welcomed the challenge of implementing Brightspace as part of its shift to digital learning. From initial application in 2014, through current utilization amongst staff, discuss successes, challenges, and visions for the future.

Engagement Plus: How to Use Multimedia Integration and Self-Registration in Your Courses to Increase Engagement
Wednesday @ 2:10PM

Faculty and instructors can use lecture capturing, multimedia integration, self-registration and enrollment tools to create an engaging learning platform. This session will guide attendees through some examples of how to use these tools for adoption and engagement.

Integrating Brightspace Into An Existing Environment For Maximum Exposure
Wednesday @ 3:10PM

The Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board worked with D2L in designing and preparing Brightspace for a relaunch within the District. The uptake on usage in the past was minimal, so it was their goal to rebrand and integrate the product entirely into the existing environment.

Learn More About D2L's Integrated Partners: LearnZillion, PebblePad and eXplorance
Wednesday @ 3:10PM

With LearnZillion's platform, districts can be their own publishers and easily deliver quality resources and content to teachers to inspire learning. They can show how to bring lessons to life in the classroom, providing teachers with the ability to build, deliver in multiple modalities and share those lessons. It is empowering districts to create teacher consistency across schools. Now with LearnZillion's integration with D2L, it's even easier for teachers to customize their curriculum.

Revolutionizing the Experience of Writing to Learn
Wednesday @ 3:10PM

Turnitin has traditionally offered three major pillars of support to student writing and feedback: OriginalityCheck, GradeMark and PeerMark. However, looking at the process of writing to learn, there are more parts to it than just submitting a final draft and receiving a grade. Turnitin has released two new services to revolutionize the experience of writing to learn: Revision Assistant and Scoring Engine. These solutions encourage students to write better, more often and more meaningfully.

Student Engagement and LE Customization
Wednesday @ 3:10PM

Unlock from FLVS, enables teachers, curriculum leaders, and instructional staff to remix content into learning objects, deliver state-specific content, and implement custom learning paths based on deep analytics. Attendees are welcome to see how Unlock can be used in Brightspace to empower teachers to personalize learning for students.

Calling All Titans of Templating
Thursday @ 9:00AM

Attendees will participate in a lively discussion around the power of templates in Brightspace. They will collaborate with the presenters on how to successfully leverage templates to create engaging course designs. They'll engage in a discussion on how to build a community that can leverage and share HTML tricks and templates together.

FEATURED: Creating a Blended Learning Culture from Both the Teacher and Administrator Perspective
Thursday @ 9:00AM

In order to build a positive and effective blended learning environment a variety of issues must be overcome. By embracing and using the different perspectives of teachers and administrators concerning these issues, Bishop Hall has created a working, blended learning culture that is beneficial to both teachers and students.

All-in-One Learning Space for K to 8 students and Parents using Brightspace
Thursday @ 10:00AM

Attendees will see how the integration of classroom content in a course shell is done at CFORP to extend the student learning space. Participants will also benefit from a brief introduction into integrating ministry approved e-resources into their course content - such as the unique modular blended learning units of History and Geography.

Designing the Shift: Using Design Thinking to Shift Practice
Thursday @ 10:00AM

Design thinking is a creative problem solving process that can be employed as an approach to task design in classrooms or as a method to support staffs in approaching their work in novel ways. Participants will learn more about design thinking and how it can support leaders as they work with their staffs to shift paradigms.

The Transformed Classroom
Thursday @ 10:00AM

Blended Learning: joining brick-and-mortar with online learning. The definition seems simple, but implementing it is another story. How does it look? How does it transform instruction? This session will explore a 4 level continuum of transformation created by Gwinnett County Public Schools and how school teams can use it to help transform classes.

Communicating with Parents in Brightspace
Thursday @ 2:10PM

Attendees are invited to learn how HWDSB leveraged Brightspace to engage their Parent Community. The presenters are happy to share their journey and successes along the way.

Learn More About D2L's Integrated Partners: FLVS, Urkund and SoftwareSecure
Thursday @ 2:10PM

No two students learn the same way; so why are we still using printed textbooks and static digital content? In this hands-on session we will demo the latest release of the award winning Unlock App by FLVS and explore how you can take control of the content you deliver to your students.

Easy Management Of Your K12 Class Content, Pacing, And Standards Alignment
Thursday @ 2:10PM

In this session, teachers will learn how Brightspace makes it easier to: teach to required standards; organize and augment class units, lessons, and content topics; and automatically pace teaching. In this session, administrators will learn how to easily set-up classes with publisher content that are aligned to standards that teachers will adopt and embrace.

Instructor Engagement and Providing a Professional Development Support
Thursday @ 2:10PM

At Gwinnett Online Campus, the tech team partners with teachers to create an ideal learning environment. This session will focus on how the tech team builds and supports a campus instructional model. Topics will include training teachers, leading innovative practices, and maintaining administrative processes allowing teachers to focus on instruction.

What's New in Brightspace Core for K12?
Thursday @ 2:10PM

This session will highlight some of the exciting additions to Brightspace Learning Environment over the past year. D2L is constantly making small tweaks to the Brightspace platform to help organizations reach every learner. All D2L marks are trademarks of D2L Corporation. Please visit D2L.com/trademarks for a list of D2L marks.

FEATURED: Ongoing Cadence for Sustaining Personalized and Blended Learning with Brightspace by D2L
Thursday @ 3:10PM

Gwinnett County Public Schools uses a monthly and yearly cadence to effectively address the continuous monthly enhancements to Brightspace. Attendees will learn how GCPS teams work together to provide a sustainable cycle that addresses personalized and blended learning while coordinating planning, testing, communication, training, and instruction.

K12 Spotlight Deep Dive
Thursday @ 3:10PM

You've just watched the exciting new features at the Solution Spotlight. Now join us at the K12 Spotlight Deep Dive to hear about our newest product offerings you just watched on the Fusion Mainstage from our K12 specialists! Meet Terry Boyle, our K12 Product Director, Jess McKinnon our K12 Marketing Manager and members from our K12 Engineering Team who will walk through the Solution Spotlight announcements and demos and provide a deep dive on how they will benefit our K12 customers.

Transform Any Course Homepage Into A Fun, Easy To Use Just In Time Delivery Tool.
Thursday @ 3:10PM

This session is for the blended classroom teacher who wants to update their course homepage daily, in the classroom and on the go. This new course homepage solution leverages friendly and familiar social media patterns to help deliver the information students need to know, the activities they need to do and facilitate student engage in one simple place. This session will share what this new solution is, why one should use it and how it can be leveraged to transform the Brightspace experience.

Assessment Practices in K12
Thursday @ 4:10PM

Monitoring student progression is a priority for teachers. They need effective tools to manage assessment of skills and knowledge. This session will explore assessment in the classroom and ways of capturing students' progression digitally.

Personalizing the Student Learning Experience
Thursday @ 4:10PM

Personalized instruction allows educators to accelerate and strengthen student learning by adapting digital curriculum to fit student learning needs. Attendees are invited to join the FLVS Team as they take on this topic in a round table discussion about how to successfully customize student learning experiences in the digital classroom.

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