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All your questions about the Fusion mobile application - answered!

Download / Login to App

Where can I download the app?

You can find the app within the app stores by looking up “D2L Fusion”, or you can download the Fusion app here

I don't have a mobile device, but I want to see the app and play the game, how do I do that?

The mobile app is available online at

How do I log in to the app?

When you go to the app, you will be prompted to type in an email address. Use the email address that you used to register for Fusion. After typing in your email address, you will be prompted to create a password (if you haven’t already logged in). Type in a password of your choosing (remember this password for if you log in using another device, or you log out of your current device).


How do I add items to my schedule?

After logging into the app, you will see a Schedule module. Click on the schedule and there will be a dropdown at the top with days. Select the day you would like to view. Under the session you would like to add, click on the “Add to Schedule” button.

Where do I see my personalized schedule?

When logged in to the app, you have 3 ways of viewing your schedule….

1) You will see your picture (or a default image) on the top right of the app. Click on this and it will show you what’s next on your schedule, and a few Favorites. Click on “My Schedule” under Favorites to view your personalized schedule. You will have to click through the days in the top dropdown to see the rest of the days.

2) On the app homepage, there is a module at the bottom with your upcoming items, and a link to view your full schedule.

3) Under “Schedule” in the navigation, there is an option to view “Your schedule”.

Your schedule is broken down by day, so you’ll use the dropdown button at the top of the page (it defaults to Tuesday) to view other days.

How do I print my schedule?

We recommend that you print your schedule using the online version of the app Go to the online version, log in, and continue above steps to view your personal schedule. You can either view all days, or individual days, by printing the webpage. You can either print to a printer, or save it onto your computer in PDF format.

Fusion Challenge

How do I add codes into the Fusion Challenge?

When logged in to the app, you will see the Fusion Challenge module on the homepage and in the menu (the menu can be opened by clicking the 3 lines at the left of the screen). When you’re on this screen, there will be a “Have a passcode?” title with a textbox beside it. Enter your passcode in the textbox and then hit the “Submit” button beside it. You will get a green notification on the top if it’s successful and you will receive points!

I'm playing the game, but don't have a Twitter account, what do I do?

Come and see Christine or Paige at the registration desk. We’ll help you figure it out!

I have completed at least one of the Twitter challenges, but haven't received a code yet.

You’ll receive a private message on Twitter. In order to receive the private message, you must be following D2L’s twitter account (

We have someone manually running scripts and sending the Twitter codes, so they might take up to an hour to get to this. If, after an hour of you completing the challenge, you still haven’t received a code, come and see Christine or Paige at the registration desk.

How do I know if I've won anything in the Fusion Challenge?

Before the end of the closing keynote, you will receive an alert on your phone (similar to the ones you’ve already been receiving throughout the conference) to tell you you’ve won a prize. Then you will proceed to the Registration desk where the staff will be handing out the prizes.

Attendee List

I'm not in the Attendee list, why and how can I change that?

There are 2 lists for the Fusion Mobile App. One is hidden, and one is visible. Which list you appear in is based on if you selected the “I would like to share my contact information…” when registering for Fusion. Unfortunately, this is not something that you will be able to do on your own. You can either go and see Christine (who will be spending most of her time at the Registration desk), or you can send an email to with the request to switch lists.

I'm in the visible Attendee list, and I don't want to be contacted, how do I change that?

You have a few options here.

If you’d like to stop messages from coming through, but still would like your name to show up…
Go to your profile (the picture on the top right of your app), and hit the settings button (gear icon beside the “Profile” button). You will get the options in here to turn off / on your messages and alerts for the app (Enable Messaging).

If you’d like your name to not show up…

  1. You can either go into your profile (by hitting the image at the top right of the app), click on the “Profile” button and remove your name.
  2. You can also have your profile moved into hidden list, this you can either go and see Christine (who will be spending most of her time at the Registration desk) with this request, or send an email to with the request (please specify visible to hidden).
Have any other questions? Come and see Christine at the Registration desk (during the event), or email