Extensibility Program

Extensibility Lab

Room: Monet 2

Software developers, system administrators, and technical decision makers: join us in the Extensibility Lab! D2L developers and extensibility experts will be on hand to answer your questions, listen to your feedback, and help you get the most out of the Brightspace developer platform. Whether you’re using the Brightspace APIs, building an LTI integration, or looking for a Partner solution, the Extensibility Lab is the place to be!

This program of extensibility-focused seminars and discussions takes place throughout the conference schedule. Attendees can drop by any time to ask questions or even bring their own code or system design to seek help extending the Brightspace platform. The Extensibility Lab is designed and offered primarily for:

  • Developers
  • Programmers
  • Business analysts
  • System or LMS administrators
  • Technologists
  • Learning Technology Specialists

The Extensibility Lab isn’t just for these audiences, though! Throughout Brightspace Fusion, both D2L and our clients will be showcasing custom solutions that are solving unique teaching and administrative challenges. Non-techies of all types are encouraged to swing by to find new inspiration from their peers using D2L developer resources to engage learners, increase productivity, and spend more time on what matters most: teaching and learning.

Extensibility Breakout Sessions

Room: Monet 1


Attendance Matters! Using Brightspace API and Barcode Scanners to Take Attendance in Large Classes
Wednesday @ 10:30AM

Taking attendance in large classes can be a challenging endeavor. At the University of Georgia, faculty scan student ID cards, then manipulate the resulting data for upload to the Grades tool in Brightspace. In this presentation, participants will learn how a team of faculty and students developed an app to facilitate the transfer of scanned data to Grades. There will also be a guest speaker - Brad Barnes, University of Georgia.

Creating Courses on Demand and Moving Enrollments From SIS To Brightspace In Near Real Time.
Wednesday @ 11:30AM

This session will cover connecting Student Information Systems and Brightspace with a near real time API driven middle-ware using a drag and drop interface - with faculty in control of creating their course sites. Replacing the Holding Tank with a modern web architecture has solved several large administrative problems allowing the presenter to focus on teaching and learning.

Accessibility: Testing All of the Things
Wednesday @ 2:10PM

Broad scale accessibility testing provided Regis insight into the accessibility of content throughout Brightspace and allowed them to track progress moving forward. Using Brightspace Application API, WebAIM WAVE API, and custom software, Regis can score course content, announcement, forum posts, and more.

Integrations Under The Hood: How Does It All Work?
Wednesday @ 3:10PM

This session is for users who have ever wondered how integrations work, or are looking to develop an integration. Brightspace integrations often rely on several technologies (LTI, API, SSO, OAuth) used to extend the core product. This session will address all skill levels gearing the discussion to questions and curiosity.

Brightspace Gradebook & PeopleSoft(R) IPSIS Integration
Thursday @ 9:00AM

College of the North Atlantic successfully integrated Brightspace Gradebook with existing PeopleSoft SIS using IPSIS. It was a challenging integration, and a major change for faculty submitting term grades. This presentation will provide overview of process, challenges, and the rewards one-year post implementation.

Approaches to Data Warehouse Integration of Brightspace Data with Student Information System Data
Thursday @ 10:00AM

This facilitated panel discussion focuses on the approaches schools and multi-institution systems are taking to integrate Brightspace data with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and student information system data in a data warehouse.

Interactive Content = Opening A Can Of Worms. H5P and Brightspace = A Recipe For Success
Thursday @ 2:10PM

As staff develop skills in blended learning, they seek to provide students with engaging interactive content that they can create themselves. The development of an LTI for Brightspace and the open source H5P interactive tool has not only enabled this but has brought about organizational change beyond expectations.

Connecting the Dots: Third Party Integrations in Brightspace
Thursday @ 3:10PM

Third-party integrations in Brightspace have become an essential part of the digital learning environment at the University of Georgia. In this session, the presenters will share their process for testing and implementing integrations, discuss recent improvements to the process, and facilitate a conversation surrounding integrations in Brightspace.

Achieving University-Wide LMS Analytics Using Brightspace Application API
Thursday @ 4:10PM

Regis wanted to know how educators and students were using Brightspace and how such usage impacted student learning and engagement. In the end, they uncovered dozens of intriguing usage patterns that have helped focus teacher-tech-trainings and course design principles. The presenters will describe the technology used and where Regis hopes to go next.





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