Enterprise Agenda

D2L has put together a 2-day program dedicated to our clients in the corporate and government space. In this agenda, you will hear from D2L leadership and experts, hear case studies from other clients around their successes, and have opportunities to connect with peers at other organizations to share ideas and best practices. There will also be great opportunities for one-on-one discussions with the D2L team to share your insights and feedback. We are looking forward to seeing you all this July.

Activities include:


Enterprise Cocktail Reception, 7:00 pm, Location: Cezanne 1/2


CLO Think Tank, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Enterprise Focused Breakout Sessions

Applying Brain Science for online learning: A Case Study
Wednesday @ 10:30AM

Today's learners are demanding multisensory, relevant, and thought‐provoking lessons that motivate them to acquire knowledge and master skills. Some educators struggle to leverage the online environment to make learning relevant and engaging. The brain is wired for action. It's not wired to sit passively and absorb information. When learners are actively engaged, learning improves. Join us for this interactive session to hear how the ANA leveraged brain science to engage their audience.

Continuing Education - 1 Course Offering, 1000 Learners-Is it possible? Halifax Fire says yes!
Wednesday @ 11:30AM

This session will demonstrate how Halifax Fire has used the Brightspace Learning Environment to create an annual comprehensive continuing education program which extends to 1000 users in a single course. We will explore and discuss the strategy and tools that were employed to allow both knowledge and hands-on skills to be taught and assessed.

Blended Learning Solution for the Hands-On world of Service Training
Wednesday @ 2:10PM

This session will highlight how CNH Industrial has used Brightspace to increase engagement within distance learning in the hands-on world of service repair work associated to the agricultural and construction equipment industries. Focusing on auditor use roles, technical use applications and key success metrics. This session will outline a historical approach to training and the evolution towards blended learning. It will review cost savings, retention, delivery speed and student volumes.

Leveraging Organizational Learning for Social Intrapreneurship
Wednesday @ 3:10PM

Typically, learning and development is approached from an inward perspective with the end outcome focused on how the learning intervention has impacted a business metric. This session will disrupt this legacy model of the L&D function through a systems thinking approach; flipping the model from being centered on an internal objective to an outward-in approach that considers both stakeholders and social challenges in the greater community.

The Tyranny Of Distance: How We Beat Distance To Standardise And Promote Best Clinical Practice
Thursday @ 9:00AM

See how Queensland Health delivers clinical education through blended learning courses that standardise and promote best clinical practice for cancer care. In an effort toensure 38,440 nurses across 1.73 million square kilometres in rural, regional, remote and metropolitan settings are delivering the same standard of care regardless of location.

Building A Learning Ecosystem
Thursday @ 10:00AM

Have you struggled with explaining how all the learning technologies fit together? Are you challenged with providing a clear picture of your corporate learning ecosystem? Join this interactive session for learning practitioners. We'll step you through how to build an easy to understand diagram of your corporate learning ecosystem. Based on MetLife's real life example, this session will provide the tools to help your organization explain your learning architecture to a non-technical audience.

Structured Learning Communities
Thursday @ 2:10PM

Join Jason Sjostrom from the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary (Canada) to explore how blended competency sport coach education can be delivered across Canada with D2L's learning environment tools. By utilizing ePortfolio, Discussion boards, ePortfolio mobile app, and YouSeeU, we are able to deliver on sport coaches education needs. Our class has a creative mixture of collaboration, content and community to ensure our coaches can deliver quality high performance coaching to their athletes.

People leave Managers not Companies: Supporting and Developing Leadership Capacity from the Ground Up
Thursday @ 3:10PM

Gallup CEO Jim Clifton stated, "The single biggest decision you make in your job-bigger than all the rest-is who you name manager. When you name the wrong person manager, nothing fixes that bad decision. Not compensation, not benefits-nothing." This engaging session will tackle developing a simple but strategy- aligned leadership development plan to decrease the likelihood that any of your fabulous employees end up running away from one of your formal leaders. *Reminder - bring your laptop*





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