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Demonstrating Mastery: CBE Assessment Strategy Essentials

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Mike Moore, D2L

Marie Moreau, D2L

Michael London, Examity


Competency-based education (CBE) models have garnered a lot of attention of late, and for good reason. Unlike typical college courses (typically structured by semester), competency-based models award credit based on student learning, not time spent in class. However, the CBE model only works if an institution can provide regulators and employers with clear, concrete evidence that their competencies and assessments truly differentiate students who have mastered necessary material from those who have not. (Measuring Mastery, Center on Higher Education Reform) Therefore, it is crucial that institutions not only understand how assessment in CBE differs from traditional assessment, but also how to ensure the integrity of those assessments.

Join this webinar and learn from CBE assessment experts about:

  • Why assessment in CBE differs from traditional assessment
  • Key considerations when building a CBE assessment strategy
  • Supporting assessment in varying learning paths
  • How assessment technology can support CBE objectives


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