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A View into the Modern Learner: How Walmart is Changing the Way Associates Learn

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Sarah Nicholl
Customer Success Director

Steven Turner
Senior Manager II, Learning Technology in Global Talent Management


How employees want to develop knowledge and skills has changed. Gone are the days of dedicated classroom time and weeks of onboarding, employees want blended learning strategies that allow them the flexibility to learn when they want, where they want, in a variety of learning methods. Walmart has taken the lead and embarked on a new onboarding and leadership program that modernized the learning experience. By adopting D2L Brightspace, a new learning engagement platform, Walmart has been able to go beyond the basics of compliant learning by offering their new associates a digital experience that is engaging and flexible. Join this webinar as Steven Turner, Walmart Senior Manager II of Learning Technology in Global Talent Management, and Sarah Nicholl, D2L Director of Customer Success, discuss the drivers for a new kind of learning platform and how this new initiative is changing the future of the business.

Through this case study presentation, you’ll learn how Walmart:

  • Designed engaging content
  • Used a learning engagement score to measure learning interactions
  • Linked engaging content to business results

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