Upgrade Your Financial Services Learning Experiences

    The traditional financial services world is undergoing a whirlwind of change. The need to develop and retain leaders, the introduction of disruptive technologies, and changing customer expectations mean that a new, modern learning paradigm is required to maintain competitive advantage. D2L can help.

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    Modern Workplace Learning

    Find out why your financial services organization needs to make the move now.

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    Upgrade Your Leadership

    Financial services organizations are facing leadership gaps at every level. D2L can help you build your leadership pipeline and develop the leaders of tomorrow today.

    • Create a new culture of learning with personalized learning paths that identify potential leaders earlier
    • Provide a central location where content can easily be created and curated to address your future leaders’ unique learning needs
    • Document and retain knowledge to upskill the leaders of tomorrow
    • Promote engagement, feedback, sharing, and collaboration among managers, peers, and mentors
    • Reduce training time for new leaders with best-in-class content and next-generation learning technology

    Upgrade Your Workforce

    As traditional firms grow to meet the emergence of new technologies like mobile banking, blockchain, and disruptive fintech business models, future-proofing your workforce means that every employee now needs to become a technical employee.

    Knowledge Sharing image

    Knowledge Sharing

    Share internal expertise through our learning platform to keep your employees’ skills up-to-date and competitive

    Central Resources image

    Central Resources

    Deliver financial services information to your entire workforce, across multiple business units, no matter where they are

    Employee Engagement image

    Employee Engagement

    Promote employee engagement with online discussion groups, gamification, and microlearning

    Tracking Performance image

    Tracking Performance

    Track and understand performance to make better decisions about training and development

    Upgrade Your Customer Service

    Today’s customers have rapidly changing expectations and demand a more technologically advanced and interactive experience. Your frontline employees need to be nimble if they are to provide best-in-class customer service.

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    Effectively onboard employees with customized content based on their roles using our learning experience platform

    Situational learning icon

    Create interactive customer scenarios to deliver situational learning and real-time feedback

    Retain knowledge icon

    Retain employee knowledge by delivering just-in-time training content

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    Keep employees captivated by using video and gamification

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    A Leader in Corporate Learning

    Find out how D2L can help you build a modern learning culture that addresses your unique workforce challenges.

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