Upgrade member engagement with learning

For associations, getting mindshare, attracting new members, and retaining current members is more challenging today than ever before.

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Attracting a New Generation of Membership

Find out why today’s associations are rethinking their learning strategies to meet millennial expectations and address an emerging knowledge gap.

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Upgrade Your Professional Development

Interactive and visually appealing courses can provide engaging learning experiences for your members. By leveraging cutting-edge tools, widgets and templates, combined with your subject matter expertise, you can easily create and curate content that addresses the needs of your learners.

  • Capture the attention of your membership with engaging interactive learning experiences using video and gamification
  • Develop a learning curriculum that supports knowledge retention for your professional accreditations
  • Leverage Social Assessment™ to promote social interaction and collaboration among your membership base
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Upgrade Your Membership

Provide continuous, self-directed learning opportunities to your audience no matter where they are and what device they are using. This allows them to build a closer connection with your organization, while supporting their individual career advancement.

  • Deliver online accreditation or professional development courses that fit the needs of your learners – anywhere, anytime
  • Improve membership retention and promote growth by personalizing and contextualizing individual learning paths
  • Measure the success of your training programs

Upgrade Your ROI

Providing your membership with on-demand access to innovative learning experiences can prove to be a lucrative alternative revenue model for your organization.

  • Turn your members into advocates by improving the Net Promoter Score for your learning journey
  • Increase purchase conversion through a strategic course catalog redesign
  • Promote continuous employee-led leadership elearning that allows leaders to develop the skills they need to succeed in management
  • Efficiently deliver live or self-paced courses to a diverse geographical membership audience
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