Elliott Masie’s Learning 2018: The Social Roundup

  • 2 Min Read

The evolution of learning and providing personalized learning experiences were key themes at Learning 2018.

Over the past two and a half days at Elliott Masie’s Learning 2018 conference in Orlando, we’ve had the opportunity to sit in on some amazing sessions and listen to some of the most passionate people in corporate learning. Yes, there continues to be challenges, from scalability to data and analytics and understanding where technology will take us in the next couple of years, but there is a desire to work together and come up with innovative solutions for learning and development.

Here are some of the key themes discussed at Learning 2018 throughout the week:

Keynote speaker Daniel H. Pink, the best-selling author of When and Drive, emphasized the importance of being cognizant of when within our usual day-to-day schedule, we are taking the time to learn.

Jeremy Auger, D2L’s chief strategy officer, reflected on Fidelity Investments’ idea of learning and development leaders becoming “data-powered coaches” rather than “stand-and-deliver instructors”.

Elliott Masie, chief executive officer at Masie Productions, who is internationally recognized in the field of corporate learning, along with Richard Culatta, chief executive officer at the International Society for Technology in Education, presented on shifting from learning design to learning curation.

Learning 2018 participants were asked, “what does the future of learning look like?”

And finally, Clint H. Clarkson, author of the popular comic for learning professionals titled L&D Scenes reminded us that there is a connection between time for learning and time for play.

In its 28th year, Elliott Masie’s conference once again successfully introduced learning and development professionals from around the world to new thought-provoking insights, perspectives, best practices, and innovative solutions to difficult challenges with learning in the workplace! We can’t wait to see what next year holds!