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Alabama ACCESS is the Grade 7-12 distance learning program for the state of Alabama. The program is leveraging the Brightspace program to offer more courses to those in rural areas across the state.

Video Transcript

Alabama ACCESS is the Grade 7-12 distance learning program for the state of Alabama. The program started with approximately 400 students and has grown to include over 27,000 students across 400+ schools in the state, making it the third-largest online program in the nation.

We are pushing toward every student a graduate and every student not just graduate but to be prepared for college and career status when they leave the high schools.

Ensuring students are on the path to success

We’ve seen a multitude of success stories throughout the years. We’ve had students that, one had to drop out of school because he was the sole provider for his family, and through ACCESS distance learning we were able to work with him and his employer and get him back in school and that dropout became a high school graduate. As far as the students that a lot of times get left out, and that’s those students in that upper tier. We were able to begin challenging them with AP courses, with advanced courses. In that, these students have found that ‘yes, we can be successful’ the same way these students that are in the more affluent/higher-level, I guess you would say that, schools in the state. So the students leave high school now with the positive feelings that ‘we can succeed when we move on to that next level’ whether that be going to college or whether it be going to a career of some type.

Helping to increase graduation rates in the State of Alabama

To help the graduation rate improve, I think ACCESS has been able to do that, again using the D2L platform. We’ve set a goal for the year 2020 to have a 90% graduation rate. From where we were in the low 70’s when we started this two years ago, we had set up increments of 2% a year, and we’ve already passed that and we hit that 80% rate this year so that we’re two years ahead already in advancing our graduation rate in the State of Alabama.

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