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The National Ballet School of Canada was looking for a technology solution that could help amplify the work they are doing and bring dance to the world.

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Video Transcript

So for us, we recognised a number of years ago that if we wanted to share our teaching experience and pedagogy and create a system of teaching that really suits people who are non-dancers, that we needed to have at least a web platform from which to engage people. But the issue we had there was all the resources end up being quite static. Part of the brilliance of learning dance from the talented faculty that we have is actually connecting with them and learning in real-time. A technology solution is necessary for us to amplify the work we’re doing and expand our impact.

With the Capture Technology, we would be in a position where it wasn’t just creating video content, which you can do any number of ways, it was creating an interactive, real-time connection with the person who was learning from you, and that to us is the most exciting part.

When you’re in a position to evolve practices and enhance quality of art and quality of life – especially quality of life I think – then it’s essential, that’s your quest. That’s the fantastic thing about working with younger people is, of course, they’re the natives of the land of technology. We’re always going to be immigrants and we’re never going to speak the language with the same alacrity as they do. So in fact, I’m actually counting on the younger generations to guide me.

With D2L afterwards it kind of felt like now we’re really pushing the boundaries, we’re really seeing how far we can go. How many more people we can get to see ballet. Yeah, it definitely makes me feel like an ambassador because we’re going to be at the forefront of dance training and there’s so many small studios throughout the entire world that will have access to this. It’s definitely a motivational tool.

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