[Video] How Kindergarten teachers at Harriet Tubman PS use Brightspace by D2L | D2L Middle East & Africa
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Teachers talk about how the learning platform has changed the way they communicate with parents and students.

Video Transcript

In 2017, D2L is reimagining the K-12 teaching & learning experience to help passionate teachers achieve their goals.

I am a very enthusiastic person, I get very excited with the students. For example, a student brought in a snail the other day, I’m like “boys and girls, guess what we’re going to learn about today! We’re going to learn about snails!” and we totally change our direction of learning.

Oh my gosh, kindergartens the best place on earth. It’s like Disney World and then kindergarten. These kids come in and they are so eager to learn. They suck up every bit of information, they’re so innocent and passionate and they think they can do anything.

Harriet Tubman PS is a newly built school is St. Catherines, Ontario. Its teachers are passionate, its students come from diverse backgrounds, and it’s enabled by technology.

The biggest thing is we found that in order to make that technology work, in order to make it special, you need a good platform, and we do use Brightspace from D2L, and that’s one of the steady platforms that we use. We have a 78% adoption rate in the school board.

The reason why I use Brightspace, I am very very passionate about parent engagement, and I think Brightspace has opened up an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between parent and teacher, parents and school, and parent and child. That’s why I love Brightspace so much.

I feel like I just know what’s going on when my son goes to school. It sometimes makes me feel like a fly on the wall that I can actually know what he’s doing and what he’s learning and be up to date. I can tell where he’s struggling, I can tell just what he’s doing, it’s just so nice to be able to have all that at my fingertips, literally.

I do have a ton of photos on my website and I usually give descriptions of what they are. I also put letters that I sent home, in case it gets crumpled in the backpack or a lot of letters don’t make it home, sometimes it even ends up under the bed. I scan or I upload the photos to the website, and I also have a link to all the songs that we’ve been doing in class. I post my favourite I guess the most educational YouTube videos that are out there. I recorded us singing the song on guitar and I uploaded that to the website so they could practice that song at home as well.

It’s empowered my students, it has made them feel so important. They’ll come up to me and say “Miss French, can you put this on Brightspace, please? Can you put this on? I want my mom to see,” and we put it on and we share and they feel like they’re a rockstar. When I first was told, “you should have a Brightspace page,” I was a little like “oh, another thing on my plate. Oh boy, here we go. I have to do a whole website?” I thought it was going to be really, really difficult, but it’s all right there. It’s all set up, and it was so easy. Since then, it’s definitely higher engagement from parents. It’s higher engagements from students. There’s a lot more conversation. I’m so glad I did it, like authentically, so glad that I did it.

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