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The Technical Account Management (TAM) Program offers an enhanced support experience that extends beyond the benefits provided by the traditional Help Desk.

Category: Customer Success
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The technical matters can really make a difference getting you answers and getting you results. 

The Technical Account Management (TAM) program offers an enhanced support experience with a single point of contact.

Knowing that we have somebody who gets us, who understand our workflow, who understands what we’re currently trying to achieve, and who remembers it every week because they’re in our meeting every week, that just creates a level of trust and a likelihood of success that’s really difficult to replicate with simply a ticketing system.

It’s just much easier to have that direct contact and those weekly meetings and just to have that person who’s kind of working directly with you and, and on your side and moving forward together, we just really felt that that was going to be the value of the TAM.

And I think the best advice I can offer anyone who’s going to go with TAM, is to treat them like a member of their team. It’s perfectly reasonable to have weekly check-ins or bi-weekly check-ins related to your tickets, he can track down resources within the company and the contacts within the company that I’m simply unable to.

We really felt that the TAM was a big value to us, so many instances where the TAM has been instrumental in keeping us in the right direction.

I would encourage anyone whos going to go with Brightspace to buy the Technical Account Manager.

Contact your Account Team for more information.