[Video] D2L and ANA Transform Continuing Education for America’s Nurses | D2L Middle East & Africa
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To improve engagement and knowledge retention among its members, the ANA turned to D2L’s learning experience platform, Brightspace, and the latest theories in brain science to move beyond flat “death by PowerPoint” learning by creating a highly interactive, dynamic learning experience.

Video Transcript

D2L came in and they had won the integrated solution with the eCommerce, they had a track record with that which was extremely important for us because we wanted quick up and running. The second but most important thing is we looked at the features and functionality of the actual learning management system and where they were headed. Learner engagement was a mandatory, it was not a nice to have for us it was a mandatory specification. We have over 400 courses that we’re delivering through the D2L platform today.

Because we have multiple subsidiaries like most companies, every subsidiary had their own learning management system and their own way of purchasing, so we consolidated actually from 8 systems down to 1. So strategically it allowed us to all move in the same direction, train once, use many, and leverage one platform.

The Brightspace learning platform does make it easier for us to deliver creative and innovative content to our nurses, more so than we’ve had in our previous systems. We needed a product that was smart and easy to use for our staff, we also needed a platform that could cater to our mobile device users, it has a responsive design, and we also needed a platform that was open source so that it could meet our organisational capabilities to be creative and innovative and that’s what we used it for. With the Brightspace learning platform we’ve had about over 4,000 new users a month and that’s twice as many as we used to get in our previous learning management systems.

We are evolving at a very fast pace. We are going global, we are broadening in to nurse consumer relationships, which means our content areas will expand exponentially. The D2L platform has allowed us to be innovative as compared to our competitors because of the flexibility. The platform allows us to not only customise content but to engage our learners, and that’s what we’re about, we’re trying to promote nursing excellence, so we’re trying to bring the best of class, content and courses to our nurses around the globe and by having the capabilities on the D2L platform we have an ability to forge new partnerships in a very different way.

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