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We were at Canada house for our London Connection. A place where our customers, old and new, can come and share ideas, tips and tricks on how they have used our platform, Brightspace!

Categories: Customer Success, Teaching and Training
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We’re here at Canada house today at Trafalgar square for the Brightspace London connection. This is a great opportunity for us to expand the reach of the Brightspace community, and really to just determine how best to serve our customer base. An event like this is very useful because you talk to other people who just either started using Brightspace or have been using it for a long time and they, you know give us tips and tricks and we can exchange experiences. I’m thrilled with the outcomes today, many of our schools and other organisations that use Brightspace are in attendance today. We’re very excited to be here with the rest of the crew, understand what the ecosystem in the community of D2L is doing here in London in the northern part of Europe.  Those opportunities that we can gain from other institutions who are further ahead of the curve than we are is really good. We’re just about to adopt Brightspace, so its been really useful today to find out some of the background, some of the new features that are coming out and also talk to some of the other people who use the Brightspace. It’s been a fantastic day for us. We try to have something for everybody, so some of the breakout sessions are really about how to teach better with our software, some of its more related to managing change within the organisation. There are some bright ideas outside the workshops and the break out sessions and of course, the exchange between the customers is also very nice and very important also for us. These events are an opportunity for that face-to-face connection. No matter what role they might play at their institution where some of them are teachers or faculty members, some of them are instructional designers, we have people who are the executives the administrators in charge of their institution. We try to make sure that everyone has a professional learning opportunity that they can explore throughout the day while they continue to make new relationships. Todays been really excellent, so I’m a prospective customer of Brightspace and I’ve been looking for how it compares to other products that are on the market, what we could potentially do with it, how it ties in with third-party applications, and it all seems really positive and most importantly streamlined and simple for their learners who are the most important part of this. Well here in London we are expecting and we are hoping to continue to grow this event, and we want to be able to continue to build the relationships with our customers in the region. Yeah, it’s been great so from starting at a very high level to start with and giving an overview of their products all the way down to the really granular stuff and how they can give us what we need. It’s been good.